Instagram Story Collage Tutorials

ttTFor taking and sharing photos, Instagram is the number one platform. You can create some stunning images if you’re familiar with the effects. You’ll learn how to make stunning Instagram collages today. The whole thing is simple and won’t take more than a few minutes. Well, so let’s begin.

Create a Picture Collage in an Instagram Story

Using Stickers to Make a Photo Collage on Instagram for iOS and Android

Instagram’s “Stickers” feature may be your best option if you desire complete creative freedom when creating a collage. Images, photos, or pre-installed graphics can all found on stickers.

When you select “Stickers” from the “Your Story” menu, you can customize the background of your collage and set or create images for it. This method has the advantage that there are no limits on the number of pictures, images, or stickers used in your collage. To your heart’s desire, rotate, resize, move, and overlap them. You have the ability to make some stunning collages.


  1. The “Instagram app” should be launched.
  2. At the top, tap “Your Story.”
  3. Tap “any visible image/thumbnail” or select the “camera” thumbnail at the top of the list to add the background.
  4. To make the camera your background, snap a photo. Turn your camera’s back to a black surface. A desk photo is used as an example below.
  5. To access the “Sticker” options, slide up from the bottom of the background once it has loaded (not the entire phone screen).
  6. Select the “Gallery” icon, then select one image from the collection to use as a sticker in your collage.
  7. Tap the “ADD YOURS” camera icon to launch your front-facing camera, then repeat the slide-up action to add a new photo.
  8. Tap on stickers from the list to use them in place of images.
  9. Then, using two fingers, resize and rotate each image, hold it in place and move it as desired. Images can layered, and you can even add more.
  10. Slide an image into the trash can icon that displays if you need to remove it. To do so, hold down on the image.
  11. To add more images, photos, or stickers to your Instagram collage, repeat “Steps 4–10” from beginning to end.
  12. When you done editing, you can publish your Instagram Story to a select group of people, all of your Facebook friends, or nobody at all.
  13. Tap “Your Story” in the bottom-left corner of your Instagram Story Collage to publish it.
  14. You can alter your background in the initial steps to make it stand out.
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Use Instagram’s Layout Tool to Create a Photo-Video Collage Story

You may create images utilizing a variety of layouts and features, most notably the collage layout, using the Instagram Layout option. Nevertheless, you can only use a certain number of photos in a collage because you are limit to predetermined arrangements. The feature also prevents images from overlapping or placed in arbitrary portions. The Instagram Layout option is one of the simplest collage options, but it does have some restrictions. Here’s how to use the Layout option to create an Instagram collage Story.

  1. On your mobile device, launch the Instagram app.
  2. Select “story” by tapping the “+” icon (add section) in the top right corner.
  3. On the left-side vertical menu, click the “Layout” icon.
  4. Pick a layout that works for you, like “1-3,” “4-4,” “3-3,” etc.
  5. Start at the top left corner and work to the right as you select images for each section. Tap the gallery icon in the bottom left corner to add pictures, or press the white circle to snap one from your camera. The layout should be repeated for each section.
  6. Tap the “circled checkmark” to save the collage and move on to the next step once you’ve included all your images.
  7. The screen updates to show off your collage. Tap the “Your Story” icon to publish it, or use the options at the top to make more changes.
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Alternatives to Instagram’s Built-In Collage Function

You can choose the image’s source while using Instagram Stories to make a collage on Android or iOS. You can select photos from your WeChat, Downloads, Facebook, and other folders containing images you made in addition to those already in your image gallery or captured with a screenshot. A step above the standard Instagram collage is downloading images from a cloud server and using them there.

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Third-Party Applications That Create Personalized Instagram Stories Collages

You can only utilize a certain number of the editing tools available on Instagram Stories to create your stories. However, if you want to create something truly original, you’ll need the assistance of third-party programs that provide access to more options and effects. The most well-known programs available for modifying images are liste below.

Kit, or Tool, for Designing

Give your Instagram Stories some life with the aid of the well-liked app A Design Kit. You may use various tools to make your photos stand out, including stickers, backgrounds, brushes, textures, and colors. You can add a personal touch to make your collages instantly recognizable, while the effects will make your stories colorful.

The Adobe Spark Post

Among the better options for complete beginners is the Adobe Spark Post app. On Instagram Stories, the app offers thousands of different layouts. Millions of stock photos, typefaces, filters, and other useful resources are available.

It’s all about the Mojo App.

Mojo  will provide the tools you need to create a special Instagram Story. Use animated designs to make a bigger effect and wow your followers and customers. Adding products, animations, colors, cropping, etc., will allow you to customize them to your satisfaction.

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For both videos and photos, the app offers animated templates. Create amazing Instagram Stories to engage your followers and gain new ones.

To effectively engage your followers, it recommended that you put in extra effort when generating Instagram Stories. Instagram story all look the same, so viewers swipe through them. More people will interested in seeing it if you add more effects.

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