Top 15 Best Job Apps Like Instawork to Earn Money (2023)

Job apps for iOS and Android are becoming more popular. The majority of people in today’s generation undoubtedly require it. We can’t just go about asking people for jobs, of course. That seems possible. Therefore, job apps like Instawork facilitate the procedure. Feeling uninterested in Instawork? Not being selected for your dream job on Instawork? Looking for a replacement app for Instawork? You’re in the correct place, I suppose. You may find several alternatives to Instawork phone number right here on this blog. You can use these Instawork rivals to find hourly, part-time, or full-time jobs. The Best Instawork Alternatives

About Instawork

Are you trying to find a shift or part-time job that works with your schedule? You can find jobs in a variety of industries with the Instawork app, including catering, hospitality, warehouse associates, and delivery drivers. You can find jobs and shifts that work for your schedule by browsing or searching. You may schedule shifts, find employment, keep track of your time, and receive cash right away with the app.

You will receive compensation for your commitment and labor if you participate in the Top Pro Programme. You will receive a bonus, a quick payout, a 3 percent pay increase, and many other advantages for each assignment you finish. Instagram typically pays workers once each week via direct transfer. The ability to receive Instant Pay is available to those who perform a minimum number of shifts and consistently get good reviews. Within hours of their shift ending, Instant Pay rewards its workers.

Whether an employee is utilizing a different time clock or not, payment is only processed when they check in and out of the Instawork app. Workers who frequently miss their shifts or arrive late will also be suspended or deactivated by Instawork. However, if they work a predetermined number of shifts during the month, don’t cancel any shifts, and receive positive ratings, they can get early access to gigs.

You can find nearby hourly professionals via InstaWork. The global links between competent individuals and companies that are crucial to regional economies are made possible by the digital marketplace. Your qualifications will ultimately determine the type of job you pick. The hourly wage ranges from $15 to $30.

Top 15 Best Job Apps Like Instawork to Earn Money (2023):

How can you choose which of the many available job apps—each with its special features—will help you find the ideal job that you love? We wrote this post for that reason. Using our list, you can learn about the various aspects of these job applications similar to Instawork and comprehend why they are so well-liked.

1. Wonolo

Due to its various benefits, Wonolo stands out as a fantastic choice for entry-level work. First, Wonolo offers prospects for a wider range of tasks than Instawork, including those in retail, warehouses, event staffing, administration, etc. Furthermore, you don’t need to be skilled. There is a quote from the business that reads, “No Resume, No Interviews. This demonstrates how adaptable people are by simplifying the complex world of employment.


  • You receive payment somewhat sooner than with Instawork. Payment usually takes one to five business days.
  • The platform guarantees a “Living wage” per hour. A liveable wage, as opposed to the minimum wage, considers the peculiarities of the local economy. Meaning that different locations may have different pay scales for the same job. For instance, the minimum wage in New York City is $15. On the other hand, the “living wage” according to MIT’s living wage calculator is $21.
  • A lower worker rating will be the outcome of a shift cancellation with less than 12 hours notice. You might be banned if it happens more than once.
    If you keep a high rating and take on more tasks, your career prospects will improve.
    Interviews are not required.
  • You must be at least 18 years old, meet background requirements (such as having a clean criminal record), have access to a smartphone, be a citizen or resident of the US, and hold a valid work permit in the country.
  • The hourly wage is approx. $15.

2. Shiftgig

Similar to Instawork, Shiftgig offers a smartphone application that enables gig workers to apply for one-time or ongoing employment. Before they can request shifts, Shiftgig’s workers are referred to as “Specialists” and are screened. Once certified, though, you’ll have access to jobs with lots of flexibility.

For your work, you can make anything from minimum pay to $25 to $50 per hour or more. Your client will verify the number of hours you reported for each shift after it is over, and you will be paid accordingly. Additionally, Shiftgig and DailyPay (a provider of financial services) have a collaboration that enables you to receive payment the day after you complete your shift once your hours are verified. A few of the jobs on Shiftgig include housekeeping, cooking, dishwashing, bartending, manufacturing and production, sales representatives, warehousing, brand ambassadors, etc.

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  • allow you to choose your working hours.
  • Only 15 cities are available for you to purchase it.
  • Shiftgig will notify you with a push notice when your shift starts.
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A smartphone with the app, being at least 18 years old, having experience in the field you’re applying for, having a certified work permit for the US, and residing in or close to the cities where the platform is operating are requirements.

3. Qwick

Platforms like Qwick are emerging to address the issue of the lack of workers in the food services industry due to high turnover rates. Quick features a condensed job category, just like Instawork. Quick connects chefs, dishwashers, waiters, bartenders, and concession attendants with hotels, restaurants, event planners, and vendors for flexible shifts. These businesses can quickly request more workers through the app, and Qwick will always be prepared to supply them with the qualified personnel they require.


  • A professional must adhere to the requirements set by the organization for their particular position.
  • Phoenix, Arizona; San Diego, California; Dallas, Texas; New York City, New York; Houston, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Miami, Florida; and Chicago, Illinois are the cities where they may currently be found.
  • Because the app operates in real time, you can monitor changes.
  • It is possible to postpone shifts.

Smartphone ownership is a must, as well as knowledge of the food and beverage sector and skill licensing (such as a chef’s food handlers certificate). In contrast to Instawork, Qwick pays promptly, frequently within an hour of your shift ending. However, you’ll need to turn on the instant payment feature. Depending on the task, experience, and pay rate of the employing organization, it is possible to make up to $30 per hour on Qwick. Approximately $19.66 per hour is the starting wage, though. In the food and beverage sector, Qwick is an excellent option for Instawork for people wishing to supplement their income.

4. Upshift

Businesses can choose from Upshift’s pre-screened W2 on-demand workers when they require assistance. The platform features very strict vetting and accountability measures for added quality and dependability. At any one time, they have hourly opportunities available in a wide range of industries, such as hospitality, light industry, and administration. You may acquire the very flexible tasks you want on your terms with this fantastic Instawork substitute without having to quit your existing job.


  • Available in a wide range of businesses, places, and positions (such as that of a chef, a bartender, a dishwasher, a packer, a customer service representative, a data entry operator, etc.).
  • There are both full-time and part-time positions available.
  • A prerequisite is an online evaluation.
  • The application contains all the details regarding the position you are applying for. for instance, pay, location, etc.

The minimum age requirement is 18, and there are background checks, residency documentation, and work authorization documentation requirements. The hourly pay for an upshift varies based on the position you’re looking for, from about $10 to $25. Additionally, Upshift pays weekly, i.e. every Friday, just like Instawork. However, if you utilize Earnin (a payment system connected with Upshift), you may be eligible for instant payment. You have greater control over your schedule when you utilize Upshift since you get to pick when and where you work.

5. TaskRabbit

Because it accepts both highly qualified and unskilled workers, TaskRabbit is a fantastic option for Instawork. A variety of jobs are available on TaskRabbit, including delivery, TV installation, yard maintenance, and even painting. This provides it a versatility advantage over Instawork. On the website, “Taskers” are connected with clients who are eager to pay for their services. Taskers may easily work their gig around other responsibilities, such as a full-time job because they can determine their rates and timetable.

Payments are made to freelancers as soon as feasible through direct deposit. TaskRabbit is available for you to use whenever it suits you. In most significant American cities, the platform is functional. Here you may find a detailed list of the places they serve.


  • In contrast to Instawork, TaskRabbit allows workers to choose their pricing.
  • Employers, not workers, are responsible for covering site fees. They do, however, demand a $25 registration fee, unlike Instawork.
  • highly adaptable

The rate of payment is based on the services. Workers can, however, make up to $45 per hour. A valid social security number, being at least 18 years old, passing an identity check, having a bank account, and having a smartphone are all prerequisites.

6. Bluecrew

Another popular app that performs similarly to Instawork is Bluecrew. While Bluecrew employs workers and offers them the option to choose their shifts and clients, Instawork just links workers and businesses. This implies that Bluecrew employees are free to select their shifts and clientele. Companies in need of staffing in certain specialized areas can turn to Bluecrew for on-demand staffing for delivery departments, sales inventory management, order processing, warehouse, and customer service workers.


  • Users using Android and iOS devices can download a user-friendly app.
  • A wonderful location to find a well-paying job is on Gigs, a platform that spans markets and industries.
  • Payment is based on the kind of job performed and the employee’s preferred time slot.
  • Their hourly wages range from $10 to $25, though.
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The employee’s annual pay is allocated a total of 7.65% towards retirement.
The prerequisites include having access to a computer, being at least 18 years old, and possessing the necessary training, credentials, and documents. Before applying for jobs, interviews and criminal background checks are necessary. If you’re looking for a flexible job that pays by the hour, Bluecrew is the place for you.

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7. Adia

Adia is a great substitute for Instawork that makes finding gigs easier. Using Adia, employers can quickly find and connect with suitable job seekers, and the working partnerships that result are advantageous to both parties. You only need to download the app, create a profile with details about your interests, skills, and current availability, and then you can book any job you see with a simple swipe. You can apply for any full- or part-time jobs after activating your account.


  • Adia offers a wide range of industries, as opposed to Instawork, which only offers a few.
  • For instance, you can find a job in warehouses, the hospitality industry, general labor, as an event attendant, etc.
  • They work in Dallas, Washington, Chicago, and New York City.
  • Users can evaluate their talents using the app.
  • Push notifications for new jobs are available.

After a few shifts, your employment becomes a W-2 one.
From approx. $9.00 to $50, the average hourly wage fluctuates. Additionally, the site, like Instawork, has a pay cycle that runs from Monday to Sunday; as a result, money is made on Friday after your shift is through. You must be at least 18 years old, pass a background check that is required, show documentation of your right to work in the United States, and choose an “Authorised Rep” from among your friends.

8. Veryable

Customers and companies can engage warehousing, manufacturing, and logistics workers on demand by using Veryable’s services. Flexible labor solutions offered by the platform enable businesses to swiftly and simply acquire highly trained workers. It’s easy to find jobs for workers or employees. Access your Veryable app, look for jobs that match your availability and skill set, submit a bid for each one, finish the work, and get paid as soon as your shift is over. It typically takes 24 hours, which is quicker than Instawork.


  • Adaptable working hours
  • Pay per day

An obligatory background check and tax form are prerequisites. Additionally, you ought to have your smartphone and tools. The platform pays well. Workers can find jobs that pay at least $40 per hour.

9. WorkWhile

By posting about shift openings and employees listing the hours they are available to work, companies and employees can interact on WorkWhile. While companies are free to change the size of their workforce or customer demand at any time, employees can choose when to work. To find the proper candidates, WorkWhile performs one-on-one interviews with each applicant and runs several background checks and cognitive tests.

Although WorkWhile charges employers, using it is free for employees. WorkWhile provides two payment options: weekly direct payments and instant debit card withdrawals. Employers looking for hourly workers can utilize WorkWhile to find shifts that match their skills, availability, and location.


  • It identifies high-performing hourly workers and offers them extra perks not included in
  • hourly rate positions using cognitive research, behavioral analysis, and peer feedback.
  • Employees who are dependable and knowledgeable
    The price is open and easy to understand.
  • Payouts might be weekly or immediate.
    The requirements include possessing a suitable smart device, being at least 18 years old, residing in the US, having the necessary experience, credentials, and identification and verification documents, and passing interviews and background checks.

10. JobStack

Employees can use the JobStack app to find temporary, part-time jobs that fit their schedules, skill sets, and experience. You can organize your work schedule using JobStack to accommodate your availability. The method by which JobStack calculates which jobs are a good fit for you is one of its most intriguing features. It understands which occupations you prefer better the more jobs you take.

You can find employment on this app for general laborers, office workers, housekeepers, chefs, bartenders, waste/recycling agents, forklift operators, manufacturing, etc. In this aspect, it surpasses Instawork. You will be given directions on how to get there and what to do when you arrive when you find a job or gig that fits your criteria.


  • Payment is accomodating. Some occupations pay once a week, while others can pay right away after a shift.
  • As you use the app, it learns more about you and suggests occupations that are similar to your ratings.
  • There are options for direct deposits and pay cards.
  • Time management and a full job

The requirements include filling up paperwork at your local PeopleReady branch office, having particular job titles, skills, credentials, and licenses verified by the branch, and utilizing a smartphone.

11. GigSmart

In terms of functionality, GigSmart and Instawork are similar applications. It functions as a marketplace, bringing together workers and customers. The website has provided jobs to several temporary workers across numerous industries since its start in 2018. Although new to the sector, it became well-known when businesses began utilizing GigSmart to turn temporary workers into full-time employees.

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It’s challenging to make generalizations about salaries because they vary from job to job. Clients of GigSmart select their prices, and workers determine whether or not to accept a job based on those prices.

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In contrast to Instawork, GigSmart provides access to a larger job market. Childcare, driving, cooking, manufacturing divisions, retail, warehousing, and even customer service are all possible career paths. It is not free, though, since users must pay a commission to the website of $1 each work hour, unlike Instawork.


  • There are several flexible employment choices.
  • The payment rate is set by the clients.
  • A job offer might be accepted or rejected by an employee.
  • insurance for accidents at work

The prerequisites include being at least 18 years old, having the legal right to work where you are, signing contracts, and, if necessary, passing background and driver’s license checks and possessing a smart device. People can find nearby employment, contract assignments, or even full-time job possibilities with the GigSmart app in practically any sector. This further distances it from Instawork.

12. Indeed Flex

Are you looking for a website that can provide you with a flexible, well-paying, and time-effective job like the ones you can find on Instawork? The place to look is Flex. The platform is established in the UK and provides temporary work in retail, facilities management, and other industries. The platform pays weekly and offers few job opportunities, just as Instawork. In addition to general labor positions, there are shelf-stacker, loader, picker/packer, retail, cleaner, and warehousing employment available.


  • provides total flexibility
  • creates a work schedule for users
  • Decide on a compensation scale
  • Depending on your area and job, you could make a greater hourly wage of between $12 and $30.

13. Tend

For people who are staying in the US, Tend is one of the finest sites to find hospitality workers. Tend conducts interviews with its workers before approving them, in contrast to the majority of applications examined here. After carefully examining all applications and credentials, the best prospects are asked to take part in a video interview.

If your application is accepted, you’ll be able to go through the available jobs and choose the ones you wish to work with based on the talents you’ve shown. Orange County, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Austin, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, and San Diego are just a few of the cities where they provide services. The app offers a variety of hospitality jobs, including waiter, bartender, line cook, dishwasher, prep cook, event staff, and many more.


  • accessible in 19 well-known cities
  • Opportunities depend on a place.

The requirements include being at least 18 years old, being able to work in the US, having expertise in the role, and residing in one of the cities where the platform operates. Employees may make up to $40 or more each hour.

14. JobGet

Anyone looking for a job will find JobGet to be quite simple to use. You must register and make a personal profile before you can begin. Giving your name, phone number, email address, etc., is a part of this. Be assured that the platform takes seriously its responsibility to protect personal data.

The good news is that your profile will work just fine in place of a CV. A brief self-introduction, education, employment history, and other fundamental information are required for your profile. You should be able to apply for jobs with a single click after completing this easy process. After that, you’ll be able to email and video chat with potential employers. All there is to it is that!


  • There are filters to help you find the best job for your qualifications and experience.
    not a resume
  • For workers, there is no registration charge
  • The price ranges from $10 to $20.
  • You can speak with hiring managers directly

15. Pared Pros

Pared Pros is the place to search if you want a fantastic kitchen-related gig app similar to Instawork. The platform is very flexible, and your ability and willingness to work will determine how much you can earn. This is due to the platform’s vast array of opportunities. The app’s major target market is line cooks, prep cooks, and dishwashers, although it could be used in any restaurant category.

For instance, when a restaurant needs workers, they can go to the app and request a “Pro” for the particular position they require. They can then immediately book the person for the time window they have available. For workers, the process is essentially the same: they find a job on the app, with a time window, and accept it for an hourly wage. And they can become in demand if they can show off their skills and rise the ranks at any of those places. Meaning that customers can make custom requests.


  • As you work harder and more effectively, your reputation will grow.
  • Work in a different place
  • periodic payment
  • You can sort jobs based on wage rate.
  • Direct deposit of funds into your bank account occurs.
  • Kitchen-specific attire

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