Top 11 Best Kayako Alternatives for Customer Support in 2023

it You need the proper tools for your team to respond to every customer request or problem swiftly and effectively if you want to provide outstanding customer support to your audience. Kayako is that tool for some teams. However, if sadako vs Kayako isn’t the greatest option for you, we’ve compiled a list of 11 Kayako alternatives so you can compare them and find the one that will provide the finest customer support software for your team.

Why you might want a Kayako Alternatives:

The response time and ticket processing of your team can be made or broken by the help desk and customer support software. One such software option is Kayako, although it might not be the best choice for your team.

The UI of Kayako isn’t as user-friendly or appealing as that of many other tools available. Users complain that there are a lot of issues, and the development team isn’t as vigilant about updates and new features as they are with many other customer support tools.

Despite managing support tickets, Kayako has some drawbacks, according to user reviews:

  • price rises that never create value.
  • poor and nonexistent customer support.
  • loads tickets slowly or prevents support teams from accessing the site.
  • a challenge to respond to customers.
  • If you already have a customer base, it can be challenging to execute, and major organizations should avoid it.
  • Custom fields cannot be used to construct rules for email parsers.

One of these 11 sadako vs. Kayako competitors might be a better option if you’re looking for a tool that’s simple to set up and use, has a tonne of features, and helps to enhance your overall customer support.

Top 11 Best Kayako Alternatives for Customer Support in 2023:

1.  Zendesk

A well-known helpdesk platform that is successful for big businesses is Zendesk. It brings together a variety of support options under one roof, including email, live chat, and a knowledge base. You can choose the level of access and authority you wish to grant your team members using Zendesk. If you have a sizable support team, this is extremely helpful.

Furthermore, you can use its knowledge base function to build external and internal FAQ pages. Additionally, you may create virtual workspaces that enable agents to manage many support channels from a single interface, eliminating the need to switch dashboards to keep track of various customer interactions.

But consider this. Similar to Kayako saeki, Zendesk’s major drawback is that these functionalities are only included in their most expensive pricing tiers. Another drawback of utilizing Zendesk is how challenging it is to set up and use. And Zendesk costs anywhere from $1500 to $2800 for customized training if you need assistance from the support team.


For small to large enterprises, Zendesk offers three categories of pricing:

  • Suite Team: $49.00 per month for each agent
  • Suite Expansion: $79 for each agent per month
  • Suite Professional costs $99 a month per agent.
  • There are two pricing options for enterprise businesses offered by Zendesk:
  • Enterprise Suite: $150 per month per agent
  • Enterprise plans that are more extensive and powerful begin at $215 per agent per month (additional fees for platform training range from $1500 to $2800).

2. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is another well-liked Kayako alternative for multi-channel support.It  offers a permanently free subscription, although one with fewer features than Kayako. For businesses that have a somewhat small budget, this can be a fantastic alternative. Teams may centralize customer inquiries from multiple channels, including phone, social, and email, turn them into tickets, and assign them to agents using Freshdesk.

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The user interface for Freshdesk is very simple, right? The problem is that installing Freshdesk is difficult. Learning how to use the platform takes time. The integration of Freshdesk with Google Workspace products including Google Calendar, Gmail, and Google Contacts has also run into problems. Your Gmail account won’t receive new customer ticket alerts, which may cause you to miss out on some crucial questions. To keep track of their task, agents must switch to Freshdesk on their screens. Hiver allows you to manage both your work emails and customer inquiries directly from Gmail, so you wouldn’t need to bother about it.

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Four choices are available for the Freshdesk Support System’s pricing:

  • Free: limited feature starter plan with unlimited agents
  • Increasing: $15 per agent each month
  • Pro: Each agent receives $49.
  • Enterprise: $69 monthly for each agent

The Freshdesk Omnichannel system provides three possibilities:

  • Omnichannel Growth: monthly billing of $29 for each agent
  • Omnichannel – Pro: monthly agent fees of $59, payable yearly
  • Omnichannel – Enterprise: yearly billing of $99 per user, each month

3.  Hiver

A multi-channel customer care platform called Hiver serves Google Workspace teams. Support teams can manage a high volume of customer interactions using Hiver, which supports live chat, email, phone, WhatsApp, and knowledge bases. The best part is that you can easily manage all of these channels from your Gmail inbox.

Hiver runs on top of Gmail, so your customer support team can start using it right away, just a few hours after you set it up. The UI is far more user-friendly and intuitive than Kayako’s, making it much simpler to navigate.

The following table compares Hiver to Kayako in terms of certain important functionalities:

  • Hiver’s entry-level plan, LITE, which starts at $15 per agent, delivers features like agent collision, notes, and mentions right now. This makes it possible for teams to work together easily on queries. Similar features are only available in Kayako’s more pricey Cloud model.
  • On its website, Kayako has two alternatives for support plans: Standard and Platinum support plans. If you want to get in touch with the Kayako support team, this implies an additional fee. With Hiver, all pricing plans include complimentary 24-hour customer support.
  • Hiver offers some integrations as standard with its PRO price plan, which costs $39 per agent each month. Only Kayako’s Cloud option, which costs more, offers integrations with well-known tools like Salesforce, Zapier, and Slack.
  • Hiver stands out as a top choice since it has improved reporting features, such as the ability to quickly analyze a variety of reports and even allow users to create bespoke reports without having to learn a query language.


Hiver provides three different price points:

  • Simple: $15 for each user each month.
  • Possibility of unlimited mailboxes for $39 per user per month
  • Elite: 59 dollars a month for each user (unlimited mailboxes)

4.  Front

The front is a choice to take into consideration if your business places a high priority on providing individualized customer support. The ability for agents to communicate with clients using their work email IDs is what distinguishes Front. Is this a major issue? Yes. As a result, agents can only reply from the group email address, which is typically something like [email protected] or [email protected], with the majority of customer support platforms. The dialogue becomes extremely robotic as a result. With Front, that is not the case.

The challenge with Front, though, is training new hires to use the platform’s interface. Additionally, a lot of users have complained that Front’s support is poor and that its Starter and Growth plans only give email support. When you experience problems with the tool, this poses a bigger difficulty over time. Another issue with Front is how expensive it is to use highly important helpdesk capabilities, which is a concern for small to medium-sized enterprises in particular.

You must upgrade to Front’s Growth plan for $59/agent if you wish to use basic automation. Hiver offers automation and other necessary capabilities for a starting price that is 34% cheaper than Front. Front’s analytics functionality is also fairly constrained. Users are unable to customize reports or slice and dice data, which is essential for firms wanting to make more data-driven decisions.

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Front provides four price ranges:

  • $19 per person, every month, as a starter
  • monthly increase of $49 per person
  • Scale: $99 for each monthly
  • Premier: $229 for each monthly
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5.  Happy Fox

Happy Fox is a nice Kayako alternative for small firms that want to start with customer service. Automation, ticketing, reporting, SLA reporting, and knowledge base management are just a few of the key features it provides. A few things that Happy Fox provides can also increase agent productivity and save time. Agent Scripting is one such tool that leads agents step-by-step through the process of resolving a customer query. This is especially helpful for new agents who have little experience.

Happy Fox has flaws of its own. Its user interface (UI) is said to be antiquated and has a high learning curve. Additionally, users have complained that the site frequently locks them out while using the mobile app, sometimes every half an hour. Due to this, the application is challenging to utilize, particularly for remote agents.

On the platform, switching between different tickets and creating new ones take time. Happy Fox is still a smart choice for support teams trying to boost productivity because it provides a variety of crucial functions that will enable agents to handle inquiries more skilfully.


There are four pricing options available from Happy Fox:

  • Mighty: $26 monthly for each agent
  • Excellent: $39 per agent per month
  • Enterprise: monthly agent fee of $52
  • Enterprise Plus: $64 monthly for each agent

6.  Zoho Desk

A multi-channel customer service software called Zoho Desk simplifies many support channels like phone, email, live chat, SMS, and social media. To give agents the context they need to interact with clients, it gathers all customer discussions under one roof.

Zoho Desk’s user interface The company offers a freemium plan that includes the essential capabilities needed to get going for small enterprises. However, customers have mentioned problems with the platform’s phone calling capability. Additionally, compared to other tools on the market, Zoho Desk provides far less flexibility when building up workflows, which could be a problem for companies trying to automate a lot of their duties.


There are five price tiers offered by Zoho Desk:

  • Express Free Plan: $7 per month per user
  • Regular: $14 per month for each user
  • Professional: each user pays $23 per month
  • $40 per month per user for businesses

7.  GrooveHQ

GrooveHQ is yet another Kayako alternative with a lot more airy user interface. It is a multi-channel customer service platform that simplifies requests made through many channels, including live chat, email, and the knowledge base. Additionally, GrooveHQ provides crucial connections with other automation tools, CRMs, and e-commerce platforms, enabling agents to accomplish much more without switching between separate programs.

GrooveHQ users frequently complain that the platform slows down and performs poorly when dealing with huge amounts of customer data. Additionally, it lacks Gmail’s basic functions, like the ability to resend emails that have already been sent, highlight text inside of emails, and download multiple attachments. Agents who are accustomed to the Gmail interface and frequently use these functions may find this to be a source of frustration.


Three price tiers are provided by Groove:

  • Initial: $20 for each user each month
  • Additional: $40 monthly per user
  • Pro: Each user pays $65 per month.

8.  ProProfs Help Desk

ProProfs Help Desk, a cloud-based help desk software that helps support teams manage and address internal and external inquiries, is the next item on the list. A variety of fundamental customer support features are available, including shared inbox management, pre-written responses, reporting, and ticket tracking.

Compared to some of the stated competitors, ProProfs’ user interface is simpler. It also offers a free plan with basic features to get started with if you are on a limited budget. ProProfs has the issue of having flaky integrations with third-party systems, which causes workflow delays. Additionally, users have observed that ProProfs Help Desk’s reporting feature is less robust than that of its rivals.

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ProProfs Help Desk offers two pricing packages:

  • Monthly: $20 per user, annually
  • Monthly: $30 for each user
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9.  TeamSupport

TeamSupport is a solid option for B2B companies seeking an alternative to Kayako. A customer service platform called TeamSupport was created especially for B2B companies to enhance customer support. It can assist you in locating accounts that are likely to churn as well as upsell chances. Additionally, you can use its features to interact across departments on customer inquiries.

Despite all the benefits that TeamSupport provides, it still has certain drawbacks. First off, people have complained that the analytics tool takes a while to load and is not as informative as one may expect. On the platform, browsing open tickets and seeing ticket history can be tiresome.

Its prohibition of multi-level escalation for SLA infractions is another issue. This will be a problem for companies that have contracts with several vendors or when different departments within a customer organization use the same good or service but at various price points.


Three pricing tiers are provided by TeamSupport.

  • Necessary support: $49 per agent, every month
  • Enterprise Support: $69 monthly for each agent
  • Customer Support Suite in its entirety costs $119 per month per agent.

10.  Intercom

Intercom is a ticketing system that provides support teams with an AI-powered inbox. The software assists teams in gathering, allocating, and tracking customer requests. Additionally, it provides necessary functions like ticket collaboration, live chat support, automation, and knowledge base administration.

What makes Intercom unique is that it offers the choice to combine some apps into a single window, enabling agents to carry out a variety of tasks from a single screen. For instance, they can open a discussion with a customer from the same window or locate a subject in their knowledge base. Engagement OS, the centerpiece element of Intercom, assists in routing requests to the appropriate agent, automates tedious processes, and provides a collaborative setting for the interaction of the sales, marketing, and support teams.

Despite being more expensive and providing a wide range of functionalities, Intercom is a solid choice for enterprise-level organizations. The disadvantage of Intercom is that it can be challenging to use and navigate its UI. Additionally, it is an expensive customer service platform, which presents a challenge for small to medium-sized organizations on a limited budget.


The pricing structure for Intercom may initially appear confusing, but it offers four different payment categories.

  • starting at $39 per month for each seat
  • Grow $99 per month (5 seats included).
  • Accelerate: starting at $499 per month (10 seats included)

Scale: starting at $999 per month (10 seats included).


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