15 Best Roll20 Alternatives and Similar Games in 2023

In this article, we’ll talk about the best Roll20 Alternatives. Even though playing Dungeons & Dragons Online can be difficult, tools like Roll20 can improve the enjoyment of virtual adventures. Tabletop RPGs are perhaps the appropriate activity for those of us who are currently pent up at home and in search of some social connection. But are there any Roll20 net substitutes?

Without a question, there are. The other choices let you spend some time with your friends while momentarily disappearing into a magical world and resolving other people’s issues. If you’ve been playing D&D or another RPG in person, it’s time to switch to online play. You should start your adventure right away if you haven’t already.

Playing tabletop RPG with Roll20:

The website Roll20 offers a selection of virtual tabletop games, often known as tabletop role-playing game tools, which may be played both locally and remotely online. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012, the website was established.

By giving the game master easy online tools, the platform aims to create an authentic tabletop experience rather than trying to turn the game into a video game. Numerous tabletop role-playing games can be included because of the platform’s open architecture.

Roll20 login, one of the most well-known digital tabletop RPG systems, is a free online solution that gives you all you need to conduct a flawless role-playing experience with your friends as long as you have a browser open and a dependable internet connection.

This platform provides a wide range of new and time-tested campaigns that can be started with the push of a button, together with an undeniably adaptable array of tools for developing your own using distinctive materials. In addition, major players in the tabletop RPG market like Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, and others are now directly supporting it.

The prospect of starting an online campaign might be as terrifying as dealing with a tyrannical game master, however, because the transition from a paper and pen to a digital tabletop is inherently scary. Roll20’s UI is notorious for being particularly challenging to use.

Troubles with Roll20:

Despite having an integrated tutorial, novice players could still find it challenging to learn Roll20. The game is also hampered by the inability to add unique things to a virtual compendium. Although this feature has been requested frequently over the previous year, the developers have decided not to implement it due to copyright or security concerns, even though it requires no more security than any other custom feature they have already enabled, such as custom species.

A lot of extremely complex things are blocked off, but if you play frequently, it’s completely worth it. However, if you have the time to learn how to use it and don’t want to create a fully customized game, token maker Roll20 is a fine choice. If not, a lot of alternative platforms are comparable to Roll20.

15 Best Roll20 Alternatives and Similar Games in 2023

1. Dungeon Painter

Dungeon Painter, one of the greatest Roll20 substitutes, is used to create RPG map designs. It provides you with access to a fantastic interface and a set of five tools to assist you in creating your map, allowing you to connect with your dashboard more effectively. You will be able to create maps more effectively and with less difficulty if you use the Dungeon Painter.

Features of Dungeon Painter:

  • You can engage with tools more effectively thanks to the great interface and studio-like organization.
  • It contains a module that simplifies the process of adding lands to your map.
  • You can create rivers, and highways, and set the scale of the globe map with the aid of its lake client tools.
  • It enables numerous users to connect to the same server and collaborate on map design.
  • DPS Early Access also includes 50 top-notch lap printer textures for Dungeon Painter.
    The Roll20 Alternatives
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2. Astral Tabletop

Astral Tabletop is renowned for being slick and for offering one of the simplest ways to create your Dungeon map, making it one of the best Roll20 alternatives. This Roll20 alternative contains a lot of features that enable you to create a map even if you are unfamiliar with how to use it. It’s a web-based service that’s free to use. As a result, you can download it immediately and use it.

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Features of Astral Tabletop:

  • It is really simple to host or create a map because of its user-friendly interface.
  • Because it is a web-based service and doesn’t require any storage space on your device, it is lightweight.
  • You will have a better game experience because Astral Tabletop’s visual and audio effects are very good.
  • The gaming experience is elevated to a new level by Astral Tabletop’s dynamic doors, lightning, and other items.
  • With your friends, you can play and invite them online.

3. Battleground: RPG Edition

Battleground is among the top roll20 alternatives because it is one of the well-known RPG map-making app-based services. Although this service is not free, if you decide to subscribe, it will provide you with a gaming experience that you may not have had with any other free service. Your gaming experience is enhanced by the realistic visual and audio effects that you can add to the game.

Features of Battleground: RPG Edition:

  • It has a fantastic UI that interacts.
  • Several tools to aid in the creation of your map.
  • Action figures, numerous breathtaking sights, and music effects can all be added.
  • You can create maps for Dungeon and Dragons, D2 Craft, Role Master, and Savage World using Battleground: RPG Edition.
  • If you’re in combat, you can apply additional visual effects like the fog of war to enhance your experience even further.
  • Both Windows and macOS support it.

4. Mipui

Another option to Roll20 that is good for creating various maps and playing with a friend is Mipui. utilizing a variety of tools and graphic effects, you may create your map utilizing this web-based application. Utilizing Mipui becomes quite simple thanks to its superb, easily understandable interface and responsive tools. On the map you created right away, you can invite your friends and begin playing games there.

Features of Mipui:

  • You can connect with the tools more effectively if they have an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Your computer doesn’t force you to use only its files, so you can add files from there.
  • You won’t lose any data if your PC crashes because it automatically saves itself to the cloud and updates every second.
  • Any browser can be used to access this free web service.

5. PlanarAlly

One website like Roll20 that allows you to create dungeon maps and explore other fictitious worlds is PlanarAlly. It is also quite simple to use thanks to its user-friendly interface. It’s possible to get this Roll20 substitute both online and through an application. You have the option of downloading the app or playing it online. The differences between the two services are minimal.

Features of PlanarAlly:

  • It is simple to use all of the tools and to move through them.
  • You may easily arrange and use tools in a better way with the help of a dashboard that is configurable.
  • It offers a variety of audio and visual effects that can be used to create a more realistic experience.
  • To use it to its best potential, your PC must have JavaScript enabled.
  • It can be used without charge.

6. Inkarnate

Incarnate is used to create maps and play games with your pals, just like other alternatives to rolling a 20. It transfers the fantasy from the virtual realm to the real one. It makes the game more realistic and simple to play with its cutting-edge visual and audio elements. The user-friendly tools and straightforward interface are quite beneficial and may be used to create maps more effectively.

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Features of Inkarnate:

  • It is a free online platform where you can play games and create maps with your friends.
  • The game is more intriguing because of its numerous visual and aural enhancements.
  • It doesn’t need to be installed, so your PC or other device won’t have to make room for it.
  • Despite being offered without charge, it also offers some Pro features that may be bought.
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7. MapTool

You can start building your map from scratch by utilizing this role20 substitute. To create your maps and universes, you can work together with a large group of friends or designers. This is another website similar to roll20 that you might use instead of roll20 to create maps and play your Dungeons and Dragons campaign with your pals.

Features of MapTool:

  • Any web browser can be used to view it, and it is free.
  • To improve your experience creating your maps and worlds, Maptool enables you to use third-party programs and take advantage of their features.
  • The game’s UI is fairly straightforward to use.
  • The automatic removal of all flaws from your system that could affect your gaming experience is accomplished by integrating Java modules.

8. Campaign Cartographer

Campaign Cartographer allows you to create maps and your universe to play with your buddies, much like any other Roll 20 alternatives. It provides a variety of tools and effects, including free-to-use graphic effects and sound effects. This is an app-based system, thus your PC must run Microsoft Windows 10, 8, or 8.1, Windows 7, or Windows 2000. Even though it is an app-based platform, it is free to use and allows for uninterrupted play of Dungeons games.

 Features of Campaign Cartographer:

  • It enables you to play the game as a group with your pals.
  • The user interface is incredibly simple to use and comprehend.
  • Runs on any contemporary PC and requires CC3+.
  • It is a free app-based platform that you can use without any issues while playing with your buddies.

9. GM Forge

When it comes to websites like roll20, GM Forge is one of the top RPG game makers, offering a lot of tools and resources to help you create worlds and maps. The visual and acoustic effects, as well as the excellent game functionality, make tabletop gaming more realistic. A person can alter the design to suit their needs. You can collaborate with your friends to create new designs by combining your own.

 Features of GM Forge:

  • It is incredibly user-friendly and has an easy-to-use interface.
  • It allows you the chance to join online groups where you can use GM Forge to communicate with individuals from all over the world.
  • The game includes a live chat facility and a customer service option.
  • This game is free to download and play, so you can do so right away.
  • To enhance your map-making experience, you can also link this game with other online third-party platforms.

10. Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds, one of the roll20 alternatives, has a lot to offer in terms of RPG structures for your tabletop game. You can construct your maps fairly easily using its tools and a separate module for fully loaded fantasy terrain. You can utilize the tools in a variety of ways depending on your needs because they are very adaptable. Fantasy Grounds is more than deserving of being considered as a substitute for services like roll20 because of all these features.

Features of Fantasy Grounds:

  • Controls that are simple to use and modify make it simple to develop and play in your maps.
  • A few special features in this game include the integration of tokens, a battle map cave, dungeon design tools, and data libraries for game saving.
  • Fantasy Grounds also features believable 3D characters, which enhances the game experience and makes it feel somewhat realistic to play.
  • There are three different game packs available through this app-based service: Demo, Standard, and Ultimate release.
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11. Rolisteam

The role-playing gaming experience has been enhanced by Rolisteam. Rolisteam, one of the roll20 substitutes, also provides several simple-to-use tools and visualizations. These tools are simple to use, and Rolisteam’s images are lifelike. It contains additional several sets of packages that can raise the quality of your gaming to new heights.

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Features of Rolisteam:

  • a layout that is simple to use and understand.
  • It has an integrated music player, a character sheet for keeping track of all the
  • participants, numerous drawing tools for creating your maps, a unit converter, and a name generator so you can choose your characters’ names freely.
  • supported across a variety of operating systems, and each one has access to Rolisteam’s distinctive characteristics.
  • It is a free service that runs on apps.

12. EpicTable

Similar to Roll20, EpicTable also provides RPG tabletop gaming. Like others, it offers a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-use utility. It has numerous panels, making it simple to go from one region to another. It also has a feature that alerts you when new game-related updates are available.

Features of EpicTable:

  • a user-friendly UI.
  • It enables the use of external plugins within their platform.
  • contains a potent dice roller, which enhances your experience playing dungeons and dragons.
  • It is an app-based service that is supported on Android and iOS, but since there isn’t a PC version of the app, PC users can utilize a cloud-based system instead.

13. Adventurer’s Codex

The Adventurer’s Codex is a 5e Dungeons and Dragons gaming system that includes a set of system operations for each character. It supports practically all of roll20’s features as one of the roll20 alternatives, and it also has some unique features of its own.

Features of Adventure’s Codex:

  • It offers a fun new approach to delivering Dungeons and Dragons.
  • To improve the gaming experience, it provides SRD and increased role-play.
    offers an intuitive user interface.
  • Comparatively more characters are available and stabilisation is quick compared to other roll20 choices.
  • It is a free web service that is compatible with all kinds of gadgets.

14. Dundjinni

The majority of Dundjinni’s features are comparable to those of roll20, which makes it a superb roll20 substitute. It is regarded as one of the most sophisticated and feature-rich map-making software packages. In addition to allowing you to create gliding locations and incorporate text in the game, the interface is simple to use and offers features that many Roll20 rivals do not.

Features of Dundjinni:

  • It has interactive tools and special character skills.
  • You will have a better gaming experience with it because of the realistic graphics and sound effects.
  • It includes an intuitive UI and a user-friendly structure.
  • It is a PC app-based service that can be used to play online as well.

15. Beyond Tabletop

Beyond Tabletop, the final option on the list of roll20 alternatives is a web-based service without a membership that enables you to create your maps and play RPG games with your friends. Your Dungeons and Dragons role-playing experience is enhanced by its guided structure. It is one of the worthy roll20 alternatives because its features are identical to roll20’s.

Features of Beyond Tabletop:

  • Its user interface is simple to use.
  • features several tool sections to make the game’s navigation easier.
  • It also has straightforward mapping and RPG character sheets.
  • It is a free web-based service that is available on all platforms.


Roll20 might be the free, straightforward method for playing tabletop games online with other people. It is entirely web-based, so you may use it straight from your browser. It contains voice and video chat in addition to background music, character sheets, a sizable art library, and other features. But a lot of resources are behind a paywall.

More than ten great applications are available. With a selection of tools to meet your gaming needs, the Best Alternatives to Roll20 are accessible for several operating systems, including online or web-based, Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux. The best alternative is MapTool, which is open-source and costs nothing.

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