Top 10 Best Zabbix Alternatives Similar Platforms In 2023

Any organization that relies on IT infrastructure needs monitoring tools because they can assist spot issues before they become serious ones. But what if Zabbix monitoring doesn’t fit your needs? It’s a liked monitoring tool. Fortunately, several Zabbix alternatives can provide you with the features and functionality you want.

Several Zabbix alternatives offer distinctive features and benefits, ranging from open-source programs to commercial software. Perhaps you’re seeking a more user-friendly interface or a better visualization and reporting tool. We can meet all of your needs. To assist you choose the greatest fit for your organization, we’ll go in-depth on the top nine Zabbix alternatives in this post. then let’s get going!
Describe Zabbix agent.

What is Zabbix?

The performance and visibility of networks, servers, and applications may all be monitored using Zabbix, an open-source monitoring tool. Since its initial release in 2001, it has expanded to become a popular monitoring solution with more than 500,000 installations all over the world. The Infrastructure and DevOps team mostly uses it.

Key Features of Zabbix:

Users of install Zabbix can monitor a wide range of systems, including servers, virtual machines, containers, cloud services, and network devices. It does so by applying a variety of protocols, including SNMP, JMX, and IPMI, to get data from various systems. Using its agent, gathering information from log files or other sources, or both, it is also capable of monitoring customized applications.

After the data is gathered, a versatile and potent alerting system is used to inform users of any problems or prospective difficulties. It can start automated remediation scripts or actions by sending notifications via email, SMS, Slack, or other means.

Users can view performance metrics, build dashboards, and generate reports using the web-based interface that Zabbix offers. The interface can be highly customized to meet the unique needs of various users or teams.

The tool is renowned for its adaptability and extensibility, and a sizable community of users and developers actively works to advance it. The GPL license for the program means that anyone can use it and modify it without restriction.

Top 10 Best Zabbix Alternatives Similar Platforms In 2023:

When choosing a substitute monitoring tool for Zabbix install, there are several things to take into consideration. Here are a few of the most crucial factors to take into account.

1.  ManageEngine OpManager

Many network performance monitoring solutions are built on the SNMP protocol. ManageEngine OpManager fits in perfectly as a result. The graphs, dials, charts, and lists on the OpManager dashboard display real-time updates from the network monitor’s reports. As a result, this Zabbix-like platform is among the best you can get.

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OpManager can create items using SNMP data. The list would update with each polling of agents for devices. Its system allows you to monitor switches, firewalls, gateways, load balancers, terminals, network access, printers, and disc drives. Additionally, it can monitor virtual environments.

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A Traceroute tool and a path performance tester are only a couple of the diagnostic tools included in the OpManager suite. These tools help assess networks and verify online connectivity.

2. Domotz

In addition to networks and endpoints, Domotz is a platform comparable to Zabbix that monitors and manages software inventories. By including asset management features in addition to monitoring ones, this bundle goes above and beyond what Zabbix offers. As a result, the program can monitor any network in any place and combine data from various sites into a single dashboard.

Any computer with an internet connection can access the web-based Domotz monitoring interface. Additionally, when a network is added to the monitoring service, a Domotz agent is installed on the site’s server. This gathers data from network devices and transmits it to the Domotz host using SNMP operations.

3. Checkmk

Checkmark is one of the greatest Zabbix-like platforms available for keeping an eye on your network and applications. It uses agent-based and agentless techniques to monitor the state of an organization’s IT resources. The networks, servers, apps, storage, and other moving pieces may all be tracked as a result. This is one of the alternatives to Zabbix.

For the Checkmk server, however, only a Linux server will work. All you need to get this software running is some experience with Linux. All required applications are already included in either your Linux operating system or the Checkmk package.

Additionally, Checkmk can be run inside a real or virtual appliance, a Docker container, or both. Additionally, Windows and other systems are compatible with Checkmk’s agents. Nevertheless, there are numerous Checkmk variations accessible. So, before you can start installing it, choosing which edition to use is the first step.

4.  SolarWinds NPM

A powerful network monitoring tool that helps businesses identify, evaluate, and resolve network performance issues is called SolarWinds NPM. Additionally, the program is effective for both large and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, it is a platform that is similar to Zabbix.

NPM is compatible with Windows Server 2019, 2016, and 2012 R2 whether it’s in the cloud or on-premises. NPM can only be deployed using the SolarWinds Orion platform, either on-premises or in the cloud. It’s because the Orion Platform enables the NPM to operate and interact with other SolarWinds tools and applications.

The maximum number of network components that can be monitored or the total number of monitored objects determines the scale for SolarWinds NPM licenses. For each licensing tier, a maximum number of controlled and monitored nodes, interfaces, and volumes is also offered.

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5. Observium

Real-time network and infrastructure monitoring is made possible by Observium, a solid platform that is similar to Zabbix. Linux is Observium’s main target operating system, however, it also works with Windows. Additionally, it supports a wide range of additional platforms and operating systems, including those made by Cisco, Juniper, FreeBSD, Citrix, and NetApp.

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Information is gathered by SNMP and then displayed on a user-friendly web interface. However, unless your server has the necessary hardware to handle Apache and MySQL, you cannot install Observium on it. This is one of the alternatives to Zabbix.

6. OpenNMS

OpenNMS is developed and maintained by the OpenNMS Group and its developer community. It is an open-source network management and monitoring tool that competes with Zabbix. As a result, there are no fees or expenditures related to utilizing this software.

Being the first open-source enterprise-level network management platform, it takes great pride in this accomplishment. The OpenNMS Group intends to offer this service free of charge to users while making money through paid consulting.

Thanks to OpenNMS’s adaptability, scalability, and decentralized architecture, only one server is needed to manage thousands of devices. On Windows and Linux/Unix-based PCs, OpenNMS can operate regularly as long as the PostgreSQL database and Java SDK are accessible.

7. Atera

An MSP is supplied with the necessary tools to provide first-rate client service thanks to the Atera suite of programs. This category includes business management systems and technical tools. This is one of the alternatives to Zabbix.

Moreover, Atera’s RMM package comes with all the tools required for remote system administration. There are methods for tracing networks, servers, and programs. This package also contains several administration services for computers, like patch management. As a result, it offers a free trial of a Zabbix replacement.

A single technician can handle a large number of client systems simultaneously using the capabilities included in the RMM package. The monitoring pack can be set up so that it complies with the SLAs, which allows MSP management to monitor the effectiveness of service delivery. Additionally, it streamlines invoicing by recording time spent at each customer location.

8. Nagios

Software for network management and monitoring is created and distributed by Nagios. Additionally, it enables organizations to identify problems early on and resolve them. The two versions of Nagios Core and Nagios XI that are now offered are similar to Zabbix platforms.

Using an agent-based design, Nagios Core is a free and open-source tool for monitoring network resources, services, applications, internet protocol, and devices. It can be used to regularly verify the most crucial protocols and systems.

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On the other side, Nagios XI is a commercial agentless version built for large networks and businesses. Like its back-end, it makes use of Nagios Core, but with the addition of new technologies. It is much easier to administer, though.

If you require a network monitoring solution that can be expanded and customized as your needs evolve, Nagios XI is the way to go. Its use is made simpler by a host of high-end features, including customizable dashboards and graphical reporting tools, a backend API, and support for multiple tenants.

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9. Icinga

A popular open-source alternative to Zabbix for monitoring information technology (IT) infrastructure and applications is Icinga. It checks the accessibility of the resources on your network and notifies you of any issues. Additionally, it offers performance information for use in reporting. This is one of the alternatives to Zabbix.

The first version of Icinga was created in 2009 as a branch that was cut loose from the Nagios Core program. Nagios has laid a foundation, but it needs to grow. Icinga should therefore receive more features and capabilities as a result of that expansion.

10. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor The dependable and well-liked Paessler PRTG Network Monitor was created by the German company Paessler AG. PRTG is one of the few tools that are now available in terms of maturity and feature set.

PRTG Network Monitor uses network protocols like SNMP, WMI, NetFlow, and SSH to carry out its monitoring activities. Additionally, it will carry out the task without requiring the installation of any agents on the devices or applications being watched. It not only requires less effort but also completes the tracking quickly and easily. This is one of the alternatives to Zabbix.

If you’re looking for a free Zabbix substitute, PRTG Network Monitor is a fantastic option to take into consideration. Compared to PRTG, Zabbix requires a more involved installation process that may be tiresome for most users.

In sum:

Zabbix is a well-liked open-source monitoring tool that keeps track of a wide range of things, including servers, networks, applications, and services. There are several Zabbix alternatives, meanwhile, that offer comparable or even superior features and capabilities for controlling and monitoring IT infrastructure. Among the best Zabbix alternatives now on the market are Nagios, Prometheus, Checkmk, Icinga, and Dynatrace.

The best Zabbix replacement for your organization will rely on your particular monitoring needs, the size and complexity of your IT infrastructure, and the individual strengths and capabilities of each of these tools. Each of these solutions has its distinct advantages. A Zabbix substitute can assist you in more easily and effectively monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure, regardless of whether you’re seeking a free, open-source tool or a paid, enterprise-level solution.

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