An Update to Telegram adds a Way for Transcription of Videos and a Dark Mode

Telegram is a popular way to send and receive quick messages. This service can be used on many different devices. It also lets you share files, make video calls, use VoIP, and do a lot of other things. Recently, Telegram gave iOS users a new update. This new update adds a dark mode, the ability for transcription videos, separate themes for big groups, and more.

Users can use the A button in the bottom right part of a movie to turn on the Voice-to-Text Transcription tool. With this tool, Telegram will play the videos that your friends have sent you.

An Update to Telegram adds a Way for Transcription of Videos and a Dark Mode

Transcription of video messages is a new tool that is only available to Telegram Premium members. These users pay $4.99 per month to get access to features like faster download speeds, no ads, and a higher maximum file upload limit of 4 GB. This function is similar to the one that already exists and lets you type out voice messages.

Topics in Groups is another new thing that Telegram is giving all of its users. This lets groups with more than 200 people choose different chat rooms for different purposes. Users can get updates from certain Topics and choices for sharing media from a big group. Later this year, Telegram will release a new set of tools for small groups.

In this update, a new digital object called Collectable Usernames has been added. You can give more than one collectable username to a basic nickname. But the passwords that can be collected must have less than five letters.

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The dark mode on Telegram for iOS was changed by the creator. The new “dark mode” feature makes the colours look more natural by blurring them. With the change to Telegram v9.1.0, there is also a Halloween theme. Telegram Premium users will be able to get 12 more image packs after Halloween. You can use these emojis in chats, comments, or as part of your status. On the 9.0 update, Telegram added the ability to send an unlimited number of responses.

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Also, they have made changes to the Minor Design, such as a new animation when you swipe left to react, a new menu with call choices, and new placeholders when loading messages in groups.

Pavel Durov, who started Telegram, says he is sorry that the new fix is taking so long to come out. The new version 9.1.0 of Telegram is now on the App Store and can be used to update your app.

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