Best 10 Sites like TruePeoplesearch Alternatives In 2023

With over five billion users, the internet is a vast area. A large portion of internet users—roughly 4.62 billion people—use one or more social media platforms, according to data sources. Many people publish TruePeoplesearch their personal information online as a result, and websites like True People Search compile the data to build profiles. You can find practically anyone on the internet on the True People Search website. If you’re trying to find an old acquaintance or relative with whom you’ve lost contact, this can be useful.

Whitepages, however, is the most effective True People Search substitute. Whitepages, a service relied upon by millions, offers you access to people’s most private information. Additionally, the service is not just available in the United States. However, you can attempt alternative people search platforms if True People Search doesn’t assist you find the individual you’re looking for. True People Search can be replaced with FastPeopleSearch, Search People FREE, and BeenVerified.

Best 10 Sites like TruePeoplesearch Alternatives In 2023:

1.  Whitepages 

For searching, locating, and knowing someone, WhitePages is the most popular and trusted website. There are records of people from all around the world in its extensive directory. White Pages truepeoplesearch com was established in 1997 in Stanford, California, by Alex Algard. The website’s current CEO is Leigh McMillan, and its US headquarters are in Seattle, Washington.

With the help of their names, contact information, and other general information, you can search for people on White Pages. For background checks on people, the website is the best option. Companies that serve as subsidiaries of White Pages Company include Snapvine, Inc., NUMBERCOP LLC,, and Mr. Number, Inc.


  • The white pages have plain pricing that is fair.
  • A free background check is available.
  • The FCRA-compliant tenant check tool is accessible to users.


  • Only Americans may access it.
  • results are not always accurate.

2. BeenVerified 

One of the best apps like TruePeopleSearch is BeenVerified, which promises to offer services that will help people access public records and information. BeenVerified ensures sure they aren’t violating anyone’s privacy while on this assignment.

Therefore, you can use to examine anyone’s criminal history and anything linked to it. Mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers can all access the website truepeoplesearch app.

You can get information about the person you’re looking for or running a background check on with the help of their email address, phone number, username, address, or even their vehicle identifying number. By Josh Levy and Ross Cohen, BeenVerified was established in 2005. The sole current CEO of the website is Josh Levy. Its corporate headquarters are in New York, USA.


  • You may look up any address in the United States with the help of BeenVerified.
  • You will give accurate results whether it is an entity or an individual.
  • With just their phone number or email address, you may search for the person.
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  • Not everyone’s search is 100% up to date, meaning the information you are looking for may change.
  • Sometimes it takes hours for researchers to receive their results.
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3.   Zabasearch

You can look for people on the JabaSearch website using their name, phone number, and address for free. A 5-star rating has been given to the website by Jabasearch users. The cause? To search for other people’s details, Jabasearch does not require you to create an account or provide your details.

You are not required to register with the website or pay any subscription fees or other charges to obtain information about truepeoplesearch reverse phone an entity or person. You have the option of choosing information for banking proposals, the insurance industry, retail details, identification verification, and transaction approval by using Jabasearch.


  • In addition to information on the person, Jabasearch will also give you information about various businesses, companies, and entities.
  • Jabasearch has a large directory, meaning that you will always find data about the person or business you are looking for.
  • The use of it is free.
  • not requesting registration.


  • Jabasearch is exclusively accessible to US citizens.

4. PeekYou

One of the best websites similar to TruePeopleSearch that allows you to search for anyone and contact them online is PeekYou. The website’s free-to-use search engine is the major benefit you receive from utilizing Peek You. There are no subscription fees or charges assessed either before or after use.

The links to the person’s social media accounts, including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and others, can be obtained with the help of sophisticated software at PeekYou. In addition to all of this, Peek You has a large directory that includes information on the person you are looking for as well as truepeoplesearch remove my info the data or pictures of his or her family members.


  • You can also find the person’s photo and the data for their family members in addition to the data.
  • You can find the links to the desired person’s social media accounts.


  • PeekYou is allegedly unconcerned with the privacy of its citizens, according to a few customers.

5. Truthfinder 

A well-known website called Truthfinder offers a Phone, Address, and People search feature. If you are conducting a background check on anybody, it is best. It will give you accurate results because it has millions of public records saved on its servers.

The website is easy to administer. The website will give you immediate results if you just put in the person’s name and a few other details about them in the appropriate fields. According to user reviews, Truthfinder is a reliable people-finding tool. Because of its accurate and quick results, most people give it a five-star rating.

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  • It’s a genuine website.
  • It will give you quick results.
  • It is easy to manage the website.
  • It has millions of people’s records stored on its servers, meaning you’ll undoubtedly find the person you’re looking for.
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  • We are required to pay for a subscription to utilize the TruthFinder website.
  • The website doesn’t offer a free trial.
  • They no longer provide any discounts, free access codes, or coupons as of late.

6. PeopleFinders

Do you want to look into someone whose behavior you find so suspicious? The website for PeopleFinders can be very helpful in that situation. The best website in 2022 to use if you want to thoroughly investigate someone’s background is People Finders.

They will undoubtedly help you receive accurate reports for the person’s criminal past and connected instances, even though they won’t get the results from the person’s social media accounts and employment history. It is easy to handle and manage, according to website subscribers. Both desktops and mobile devices can access the website.


  • The people finders website’s information is 95% accurate.
  • The website will provide you with sophisticated searching features if you join up for a subscription.
  • Easy to handle on the website.


  • Unless you contact the customer service team, you cannot cancel your subscription after purchase.
  • Social media and employment history reports will not be included in PeopleFinders data about the person you’re looking for.

7.  USsearch

To make it simple for people to conduct a background check through legitimate means, USsearch was created in 1994 to supply people with public data. You can conduct a name, phone number, or address search for a person. For the 5-day trial, which costs $1.99, you are, nevertheless, required to pay a subscription. They don’t impose any initiation fees.

The renewal policy of US Search will automatically charge you a subscription fee once you opt for it till you may cancel it on your own. Additionally, email-based customer care is available round-the-clock if something goes wrong. Whenever you have a problem, you can contact them. On working days, telephone support services are available from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST and 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST. If you’re looking for an old buddy or a long-lost relative, US Search is one of the best websites similar to True People Search.


  • US searches have inexpensive pricing and plan.
  • A simple pricing plan is what the US search believes in.
  • US search utilizes billions of data sources to provide you with accurate results.
  • They respond quickly to every BBB complaint that is filed.
  • quick results and in-depth reports.


  • The website’s search function is not FCRA-accredited.
  • US search is only accessible to US citizens.
  • The website’s layout is dated.

8. Pipl

With the help of a single item of data you have successfully obtained, Pipl is a website that helps you find an accurate and trusted identity. It has registered over 3 billion IDs in total and is a significant global source of online identity information.

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Pipl will do its best to give you immediate and accurate results if you put in the email address, social network link, mobile number, and other tidbits of information about the person you are trying to find. Pipl is the best app for small businesses, large corporations, and mid-size firms, according to the results of polls and other sources.

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  • Pipl can help you find a person’s middle name so you can quickly determine their email address and other information.
  • Using Pipl can help you create a powerful ABM campaign thanks to the expanded segmentation made possible by additional website data.


  • Users typically need to try a single search three to four times.
  • If you have sent a lot of people searches to your IP, Pipl will automatically restrict your IP for a day or two.

9. Spokeo

2006 was the year Spokeo Voice was established. It has been providing people-identifying services to the country for more than 14 years. Due to its superior services, it is the best website comparable to True People Search. To make sure that users obtain accurate search results, Spokeo has successfully accumulated over 12 billion records from over 1000 distinct search sources.

It now ranks as one of the top social search engines for finding people and receives over 20 million monthly visits. The website does not deal with fraud or unbelievable information, and it is trusted and confirmed.

We are confident that Spokeo is the best option if you want to find criminal records, DUIs, and sex offenses of others after reading user evaluations. Since Spokeo uses billions of records, including consumer and company records, social networks, and property records, to give you your result, the results are guaranteed and always accurate.


  • emphasizes accuracy.
  • ensures that they respect everyone’s privacy.
  • If you only want to do some simple searches, it’s free.


  • Only American citizens are permitted to use it.
  • A different website’s data cannot be utilized to vet prospective customers or workers.
  • The FCRA does not recognize the Website.

10.  Intelius

Public records are routinely kept on the business website Intelius. The parent firm of the Intelius website is PeopleConnect, Inc. In January 2003, Naveen Jain launched Intelius, which has its American headquarters in Bellevue, Washington.

Intelius offers a variety of services, including the ability to look up a property, search for people, opt for a background check, and perform a reverse phone lookup. You can glance at the profiles on social media accounts to stay informed about the website.


  • Instantaneously following the results, Intelius reports them.
  • Intelius provides accurate results.


  • Users at Intelius may be perplexed by the pricing and plan.
  • The website is no longer in use.

Final Words:

You can find details about people using any of the websites listed above as True People Search alternatives. Having your personal information on a public website can be unsafe even though True People Search can be helpful.

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