Top 8 Best LeetCode Alternatives Similar Platforms In 2023

LeetCode is a potent platform that helps you develop your abilities, broaden your knowledge, and be ready for tech interviews. It is the well-optimized, fastest-growing solution available and offers structure to direct your progression toward the next stage of your programming career. You may quickly and simply learn practically all of the top programming languages on our platform.

More than 1800 practice questions on the platform will help you progress more quickly. One of the best features of this platform is that it has one of the largest tech communities of engaged users that take part in its competitions to better themselves as well as receive rewards. Another choice helps businesses quickly employ tech skills. LeetCode blind 75 is a complete solution that also provides many noteworthy features, like live interviews, the ability to design one’s distinctive questions, an online library, and much more.

Top 8 Best LeetCode Alternatives Similar Platforms In 2023:

1.  CheckiO

CheckIO is a free Leetcode problems replacement that aims to help programmers of any level of experience improve their coding abilities by tackling a variety of fun tasks in TypeScript and Python. This CheckIO is available in English and Spanish. Users of the platform from all over the world can use it to improve their programming abilities and speed by following the instructions on the screen. Developers from a team built the platform.

Teachers from all over the world use this Leetcode replacement as a comprehensive tool to supplement their in-class education. It contains both enjoyable and difficult aspects. Your freedom to investigate, select, and begin resolving any issue is unrestricted. The opportunity to independently produce and distribute one’s work is another possibility. Anyone with an internet connection can use CheckIO, a well-known tool for learning how to code, anywhere in the globe.

2.  CodeChef

CodeChef was developed to assist programmers entering the disciplines of cryptography, coding, and programming competitions. By holding a coding competition at the beginning of every month and a variety of side programming challenges at the middle and end of the season, the CodeChef team makes an effort to unleash your inner geek.

This Leetcode alternative aims to provide hackernoon linked list in binary tree (leetcode) tutorials and discussions on topics like algorithms, binaries, and technical details like array size. CodeChef offers discussion boards and a variety of algorithm lessons in addition to hosting programming competitions for beginners.

Enter your answer in the language of your choice after beginning your search at one of its numerous questions. More than 55 different programming languages are welcome to be submitted to the competition’s judges. Coding competition practice has never been more enjoyable! Gain points to advance through the CodeChef levels.

The strategy for CodeChef is simple: train, read, compete, and talk. To, first and foremost, sharpen your current programming skills, you’ll work on a variety of programming tasks in more than 40 languages. Another LeetCode substitute is this.

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You will then receive points and move up the rankings as you correctly answer an increasing number of questions. The opportunity to compete against other students comes next. According to the competition, prizes change. You can communicate with other developers on the discussion board as well. You will also get a chance to converse with the CodeChef staff.

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3.  AlgoExpert

According to a website like blind 75 LeetCode, AlgoExpert is among the top resources available for programmers who are getting ready for their programming interview. On this video-based website, you can work on more than 150 algorithm challenges that range in difficulty from Basic to Very Hard.

You can learn about a variety of topics in AlgoExpert, including binary trees, stacks, binary graphs, arrays, searching, and filtering. You can also make use of its four-pane integrated workspace, where you can utilize the pad to jot down ideas as well as read the prompt, receive the answer, watch a video explanation, and obtain the solution.

With this Leetcode replacement, you may now learn up to nine programming languages, including Python, Java, Swift, C++, and many others. A certificate from Algoexpert will also be given to anyone who passes all the tests.

4.  Coderbyte

To assist firms with coding exams for technical and computing professions, a virtualized pre-employment examination tool called Coderbyte was developed. This Leetcode alternative offers a complete bundle with practically all required features and services as a one-stop shop for code assessment solutions.

The solution’s activity dashboard gives administrators a single interface from which to control system preferences, monitor logs, and check the progress of tasks. Businesses can use the program to create various candidate approval criteria, detect plagiarism, and produce performance reports for a variety of uses. It also has an integrated task library that enables you to quickly and simply design customized exams.

It offers resources for quickly and easily creating detailed user profiles. Furthermore, a wide range of recruiting tools are available, saving time and effort. The main features of Coderbyte include skill evaluations, applicant evaluations, online tests, personalized tests, and much more. Another LeetCode substitute is this.

Anyone looking for help becoming a better programmer can visit the website Coderbyte. Because new issues are offered every day, you can practice using your algorithmic thinking process to any problem you desire at any time. With the help of Coderbyte, you can improve your capacity to answer standard logical, mathematical, and algorithmic challenges. sharpen your coding and interviewing abilities. With its exam preparation tools, you can prepare for programming interviews at significant IT businesses.

Uninterrupted Coding Environment: The platform offers a full-screen editor to assist you in practicing and solving your problems. Use one of our ten or more coding languages to find answers, then just verify them on our platform.

Solution Manuals: If you join Coderbyte, you can access more than a million solutions offered by other programmers. Investigate how others resolve comparable problems to yours to enhance your skills. By observing how well you handle each task, you may monitor your progress. You’ll get trophies and points for completing more assignments, which will allow you to advance on the leaderboard among all other programmers.

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5.  Edabit

Edabit is among the most well-liked LeetCode alternatives for interactive coding projects. The platform was created to assist users in quickly and easily learning computer languages. You get access to a variety of drills, exams, challenges, and activities. On this website, you can effortlessly learn everything there is to know about almost every important language. Another LeetCode substitute is this.

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The platform simulates real-world coding while removing the tiresome and uninstructional elements. To make studying fun and addictive, simple game elements are added. Edabit may be used to study almost all of the most well-liked programming languages, such as Swift, Javascript, Python, and others.

Everyone is aware that speaking with native speakers is the best approach to picking up a language quickly. The quickest method to understand code is to write your own, which is similar. You may quickly develop your skills with Edabit’s virtually infinite variety of manageable tasks.

Do you ever feel trapped choosing between a subject that is too simple or too difficult to study? Once you’ve learned the foundations, you’ll see that everything is set up either for a complete beginner or an experienced coder. A solution is offered by Edabit.

Beginning with the simpler tasks, you progress to the more difficult ones until you can finish them. Edabit simulates real-world programming while removing the uninteresting, non-educational components. To make learning more engaging and addictive, we mix basic gaming elements into the curriculum. To level up, earn XP, and unlock achievements.

6.  Exercism

Are you just learning to program? Starting to program can be exciting and difficult, but it can also be unpleasant, stressful, and overwhelming. Exercise results in several minor victories. The tasks are short, concise mini-quests that are sufficiently difficult to draw attention to knowledge gaps in manageable chunks. Reviewers can learn what you haven’t discovered by reading your comments. Your continued research will be aided by the feedback you receive, which will also make writing code much easier for you. Another LeetCode substitute is this.

Exercise provides an alternative to the LeetCode learning platform with about 4000 activities in as many as 52 common programming languages. It distinguishes itself from other programming websites of the same sort by placing a heavy emphasis on mentor-based learning as well as solitary practice. The best feature of this program is the active developer community that helps new users worldwide.

Before beginning a computer task, you must choose the language you wish to study, make your decision, submit your code, and have your mentor grade it. As you move up the levels, you have unlimited access to the concepts and tasks of the level above. Additionally, you can send your code to the exercise engineers for rapid feedback.

7.  HackerRank

Users can access programming questions with varied degrees of complexity for free on HackerRank, a LeetCode-related online trading platform, which is ranked Easy, Mid, and Difficult. For those interested in competitive programming, Hacker Rank also features coding challenges.

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One of the most well-liked alternatives to LeetCode, HackerRank, has significant differences. You can practice responding to consumer practice questions in this game-based learning environment. In addition, you can participate in HackerRank competitions that put you against those people. Algorithms, arithmetic, SQL, modular programming, artificial intelligence, and other disciplines are among the challenges offered by HackerRank. Each challenge can be completed immediately.

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The majority of projects also include an editorial explaining the issue and offering solutions, and every assignment includes a discussion and scoring. On HackerRank, answers from other users are no longer visible outside of the opinion section. Users may also upload a resume and apply for jobs after succeeding in HackerRank business coding tasks.

8.  CodinGame

Instead of just tackling coding puzzles in an editor, CodinGame lets you contribute to building the code for online video games that you can play right now. The games that are currently accessible are listed below, along with an example of one of them. Test cases, problem statements, and an editor that allows you to write code in a few or 20+ lines of code are all included in the game. Even though it differs from other competitive programming websites like the ones stated above, such as the ones mentioned above, this website is well-liked among programmers who appreciate taking on challenges and competing. Another LeetCode substitute is this.

The websites I engage with, Google searches, Quora postings, and publications like this and this were all used to compile this list. I also visited various forums and subreddits, like r/learnprogramming, to check which websites people there regularly recommended.

CodinGame is yet another free website like LeetCode. With more than 25 codes, it makes learning easier. Additionally, you have the choice of learning independently or competing against others. To make learning coding easier for you, every coding topic would be presented as a game. As a result, you can enjoy yourself while learning!


You shouldn’t be compelled to pay for LeetCode Professional if you don’t want to because the vast bulk of the site’s questions are still free. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that most of these resources were self-taught, which is a kind of education that not all programmers can follow. Even though it differs from other websites that feature competitive programming, such as the ones mentioned above, this website is well-liked by programmers who appreciate overcoming obstacles and competing.

LeetCode is still a fantastic tool for teaching programming to users of all skill levels, nevertheless. When searching for the best LeetCode replacement, you must hunt for a program that is equivalent to LeetCode, and CodeChef checks all the necessary boxes. On CodeChef, you may access the sizable programming community and take part in no-cost coding challenges. Even better, they do all of this stuff for nothing! CodeChef is therefore recognized as one of the best LeetCode alternatives out there.

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