Top 26 Best Sign Up Genius Alternatives Sites In 2023

Are you trying to find a Sign-Up Genius substitute? Find out which app has the best features if you’re interested. I’ll list the best 26 SignUp Genius substitutes for you in this article. To find volunteers and plan events, use the online sign-up tool SignUpGenius. By automating the hiring and coordination process, the app saves time for organizers by doing rid of the requirement for reply-all emails and spreadsheets. You may interact with group members through the app and view event information.

SignUp Genius is used by up to 14 million people each month to plan and attend events. SignUpGenius can be used to simplify the process of planning events and signups for charities, schools, sports teams, churches, families, and colleges. It offers some incredible features, but they are all free to use. Therefore, have a look at the best Sign Up Genius alternatives listed below.

Top 26 Best Sign Up Genius Alternatives Sites In 2023:

1.  NetSuite for Nonprofits


A cloud-based donation management solution for your nonprofit or generation genius social organization is NetSuite for Nonprofits. There is a robust dashboard in NetSuite for Nonprofits where you may access all the functions without any restrictions. The platform’s most notable features include global cloud, fund accounting, analytics, reports, speed management, and automatic FASB reporting. The program also offers some SMB and enterprise options, each with its price and primary advantages.

2.  iMIS Fundraising Software


iMIS Fundraising Software is an Engagement Management System that offers a wealth of features and functionalities to assist your non-profit organization in engaging more donors anytime, anywhere on a device genius lyrics. By enhancing communication channels with contributors, the software offers a sizable selection of cutting-edge capabilities that assist you in planning and carrying out fundraisers.

Your finest donors can become your most effective and successful fundraisers with the help of the iMIS Fundraising Software, which was developed with you in mind. To deliver the best experience, you may also use this platform to create, plan, and manage events based on the requirements and preferences of your attendees.

The software also enables you to send automatic emails, gift acknowledgments, donor receipts, and other tracking features that enable you to evaluate your campaigns and events. The ability to create and administer individual or team-based fundraising websites that support several currencies and languages is what makes this EMS so compelling. A set of fundamental characteristics of iMIS Fundraising Software also draw in more users from all around the world.

3.   CaseWorthy

Health and human service organizations may create healthier and stronger communities, families, and individuals with the help of CaseWorthy, a top donor management platform. All of the difficulties that HHS organizations experience are recognized by the software.  It is often referred to as case management and commercial client management software because it can handle any assignment.

Because the platform is adaptable, you may alter the forms, process, and other elements to suit your unique requirements. The platform also has tools for integration, end-user training, data conversation, data analytics, reporting, custom reports, and an online portal.

4.  SchoolAuction

A web-based donor management tool called SchoolAuction was created to meet a range of fundraising requirements. Sign up today! Small to medium-sized schools, nonprofits, and all other non-profit platforms should use it girl genius. In contrast to the others, it offers a variety of services that can make any fundraising effort successful.

You may bookmark your event page, log in to donate, and more using the solution, which is fully compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chrome. One of the best alternatives to SignUpGenius is, which offers all the same services along with some brand-new, cutting-edge features.

This donor management system’s introduction of an improved inventory system that enables you to organize and manage all the goods on your list is one of its most addictive features. Basic features including a web-based solution, check-in and check-out, online registration, a donation database, and many more are also included in SchoolAuction. There are various SMB and corporate options available; each has its price and key features.

5.  Giveffect

Another complete solution provider for non-profit organizations of all sizes is Giveffect. There are thousands of users of this straightforward, user-friendly program all over the world. Four different systems, including the Events, Fundraising, and Friends Asking Friends System, the Online Giving and Offline Gift Tracking System, the Volunteer Scheduling and Management System, and the Full Relationship Management Database, are all integrated into the program.

This solution’s main goal is to make sure that the website contributes automatically to the company’s database. The best part about this donor management system is that it gives you the option to communicate with every website visitor while also keeping tabs on all activities and providing you with information about the total amount of donations received.

Giveffect gives all non-profits access to donor information so they can ask for support the next time they have a gala or a fundraiser. This solution allows you to inform the donors of the progress their contributions have made for your cause. It shares a set of essential features with other software companies that help it draw in more global customers.

6.  Planning Center


A web-based donor management or church management system called Planning Centre can assist organizations run their operations more effectively. It works especially well for churches that are expanding. The program offers strong task-focused solutions and arms churches with the strong tools they need to meet the challenges of the modern era. The application contains resources, services, check-in, donations, people, registration, and people to make the experience more fun and engaging.

This is accessible anytime, anywhere in the world on iOS devices, just like other donor management systems of the same nature. It is a more reliable and feature-rich platform when compared to all the other comparable applications. The offers comprehensive solutions that count checks and cash fast and accurately to encourage donations through online giving.

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Through the user-friendly interface, the application’s unified approach offers fresh perspectives while making it simpler to keep track of all donations. Additionally, Planning Centre introduces group administration capabilities to streamline group listing and signup, track attendance, and inform participants of crucial updates. The system also contains a few key components that set it apart from competing systems.

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7.  DoJiggy

One of the best nonprofit fundraising programs is DoJiggy, which was created with charities, educational institutions, and neighborhood associations in mind. Sign up today! It is a versatile, reasonably priced, and trustworthy piece of software that assists users in increasing funding for any cause or objective they may have, streamlining the administrative work, and improving their relationship with donors. The software offers various subscription packages, each of which has its essential features and capabilities. The option to start online peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns with the help of personal fundraising pages that may be customized is one of the best advantages.

Users of DoJiggy can also start online fundraising campaigns to swiftly process regular contributions from their constitutions. You can handle all of the online donations using the solution’s ability to download all financial and donor data. You’ll be able to create, organize, and distribute events with the aid of this platform user. DoJiggy offers notable features including website layouts, ticket and sales administration, leading team pairing, top teams display, share links, gift management, etc.

8.  DonorSnap

Another option for keeping track of contributors, contacts, volunteers, registrations for events, and more is DonorSnap. It is affordable and attempts to eliminate all extra expenses, such as sending statements via email rather than postal delivery. This platform’s ability to speed up data entry with Mass Entry and find hyper-targeted contact groups with DataMiner is one of its most interesting features.

All non-profit organizations receive the full feature set at the monthly subscription price, and there are no additional or hidden fees. It has the same integration options as other similar platforms for programs like QuickBooks and ConstantContact.

Mobile solutions that let users access records from any location in the world are also supported by DonorSnap. A strong dashboard that has been tailored to work with specific apps is also available to expedite the chore of managing donors.

The platform includes robust web-development tools that make it easier than others to create and edit online forms without any restrictions. The software comes with standard capabilities including rapid searches, mail merge letters, reports, analytics, and online forms. has a user-friendly design that is quick, intuitive, and uncomplicated.

9.  Sumac

Sumac is a donor management tool created specifically to help charitable organizations manage their day-to-day operations. Sign up for a free trial today. The program utilizes the most up-to-date technologies to make it simpler for businesses to automate their workflow and adjust their management skills. It also offers a tonne of features that can assist charity organizations in managing various tasks efficiently, including fundraising, event management, donor administration, member management, and ticket management.

The platform also gathers every crucial feature that helps businesses to create a centralized database, excel at directing their operations, and efficiently manage all work. The optimal solution meets all fundamental requirements and expectations for organizations of all sizes. One of the greatest alternatives to SignUpGenius is Sumac, which offers all the same services while adding a few extra features that elevate it above the competition. Core features of the system include automatic receipting, donor alerts, compliance management, easy searching, online donation sites, and much more. Four SMB and enterprise programs are available: Free, Silver, Gold, and Platinum; each has its costs and primary advantages.

10.   Fundly CRM

A donor management system called Fundly CRM works with all organizations, clubs, charities, and other accusations. It is a web-based app created with effectiveness and efficiency in mind to assist every nonprofit in maximizing the insights, relationships, and communications that motivate action. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to raise more money, track donations, improve membership, and stay in touch with your supporters without the need for prior training. It is one of the top SignupGenius alternatives since it offers all the same services as SignupGenius while also adding some unique features that elevate it above the competition.

The platform’s best feature is its complete customizability, which enables campaign managers to create unique mobile-friendly websites to start fundraising campaigns and a calendar. Additionally, they can contribute photographs and videos that have their purpose and activities that add appeal. Important elements like event administration, customized web pages, reporting capabilities, task and interaction capabilities, membership management, and communication ease are also included in Fundly CRM. Additionally, the platform offers interaction with other platforms, such as Facebook, which enables fundraisers to send out campaign messages to their supporters.

11.  SilkStart

A donor management program for groups and associations is called SilkStart. It is a web-based program that offers a vast array of cutting-edge services to businesses of all kinds. The platform’s main goal is to make managing organizations less complicated. Because it merges numerous components into a single platform, it offers a better one-step solution. One of this application’s most intriguing features is that it offers automated signup, personalized enrolment forms, automatic payment processing, and renewal reminders.

When compared to other donor management software of a similar nature, it offers a strong and contemporary interface that makes it simple for you to access all of its functions. A great user experience is what it aims to create. As a result, they employ cutting-edge technologies, like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal’s application.

It offers content management features that enable businesses to create cutting-edge, completely responsive websites, just like other similar apps. In addition, SilkStart offers standard capabilities like email marketing, smart notifications, job boards, invoicing and payments, membership administration, events management, and customs data. The platform offers a variety of price options, each with advantages and disadvantages.

12.  Cloud9

The industry-leading school management and administrative solution, Cloud9, can help you organize and improve the efficiency of your school’s operations. It is an easy, quick, and secure approach to handle all of your academic tasks. The solution is ideal for students as well; after using the app, you will begin receiving reminders for various tasks including homework, attendance, and communication, among others.

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The biggest feature of this solution is that you can utilize it on mobile platforms and access it from any location at any time. Accounting, examination management, financial management, library management, student records, and many other essential elements are included in Cloud9.

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13.  Zoho CRM

To recruit, keep, and please consumers to expand their business, Zoho CRM is a prominent web-based CRM solution. Lead and contact management is its primary role, but it also offers pipeline management and purchasing control. The user may already guess what these tools can accomplish when combined, especially when they are displayed on the updated, user-friendly design that is so characteristic of Zoho.

The best feature of this application is that it has ten separate components on its home screen, with the primary navigation panel remaining at the top for easy searching. The user can create a dashboard that is more visually appealing using the customization function that Zoho CRM offers.

The solution offers a wide range of key advantages, the majority of which are associated with increasing sales and drawing in additional clients. The user may simply manage customer accounts with the use of this platform, including monitoring all accounts from a single database, seeing the location, and viewing purchase history for cross-selling or upselling opportunities. Additionally, Zoho CRM has some standout features that set it apart from competing products.

14.   Tigerpaw

Tigerpaw is a capable cloud-based platform for professional service automation that was created specifically for small and mid-size clients. Sign up now! It is a complete solution that offers a method for managing your entire duties, including project management, time tracking, and payment. Its project management function makes it simple to schedule technicians and other resources required to organize tasks. It also assists project managers in creating processes and keeping an eye on maintenance agreements.

You may filter service orders by client, technician, and service concerns to make them stronger, and the billing and invoicing functions support the billing process. Additionally, emails and warnings for recurring invoices are sent automatically. In contrast to other PSA systems of a similar nature, it also offers a potent dashboard and reporting modules to assist you in tracking and monitoring time, measuring profitability, and tracking asset utilization rates. Tigerpaw offers a variety of special qualities that set it apart from other products and make it stronger.

15.   Insightly

Small businesses can use Insightly, a cloud-based CRM solution, which also provides specialized enterprise-level modules for big firms and multi-level organizations. It is a complete system that offers contact management, pipeline management, and task management to help you track your deliveries, get clear sales visibility, enhance customer interactions, foster internal collaboration, and more.

With a 360-degree picture of your relationships, you may use CRM best practices to organize customers, vendors, and suppliers. Check the person’s full history, email history, critical information, and all other pertinent information. At each stage of client engagement, the system offers integrated project management.

Track overall project performance and progress against your previously set timeframe with these, which also contain recent activities. It includes a strong dashboard with access to all features and services, just like other CRM solutions.

Core capabilities offered by Insightly include a customizable calendar, event, task, and milestone system, an automatic address book, an opportunity report, a web-to-contact form, the ability to add custom fields, the ability to automatically recognize email addresses, limited OData support, etc. Each of Insightly’s price plans has a unique price and set of essential features.

16.   Daylite CRM

Daylite is a CRM tool for small businesses that makes it simple to keep track of all of your contacts, notes, emails, sales possibilities, calendars, projects, and other information in one place. Additionally, you may use Facebook to track contacts, emails, projects, notes, calls, and other similar activities.

Finding anything that helps you save a lot of time is made simple by this. With all the essential tools and services at your disposal, Daylite is a dependable and durable solution that enables you to manage all business duties without any restrictions. You may keep all customer information, including calls, notes, sales, meetings, and project-related information, in one location.

Similarly, you can keep track of all projects in one location, including the participants, tasks, and correspondence. With this solution, you may access your information from any location using a mobile device, plus you can access it when an internet connection is lost and while offline.

The system automatically syncs and updates the application’s information on your device. The system includes tools for project management, task management, teamwork, mobility, linking, smart lists, reporting, and calendar management.

17.  Movegistics CRM

For real estate industry participants, Movegistics CRM is a complete CRM (customer relationship management) software solution. The program offers marketing and advertising options to any type of user, from small real estate enterprises and agencies to individual agents, brokers, developers, and franchises.

One of the greatest and most innovative real estate-specific CRM platforms, it combines all facets of real estate marketing and sales into a single, powerful solution. The program provides real estate professionals with the tools they need to manage their most common difficulties effectively and efficiently while continuing to play a substantial and highly productive role in the competitive marketing environment.

Logistics CRM is more than just a real estate-specific CRM system. It offers features that increase its addictiveness, including Property Matching, Pre-Integrated Website and Content Management System, Franchise Network Framework, Two-Way Email Synchronisation, XML Generator, and Email & SMS Marketing Campaign Management.

The best feature of this program is its complete customizability; you can scale it up or down, change its configuration, and modify the entire system to make it function for you in the manner you need it to.

Key features of Movegistics CRM additionally include an intelligent CRM, analytics and reporting, the ability to create ads and flyers, templates, an XML generator, a pre-integrated website, and a content management system, etc. There are three price plans, each with its features and price.

18.  SpringCM

SpringCM is a straightforward yet user-friendly CRM software system that offers companies a reliable way to manage contracts, documents, and all kinds of content. It comes with a set of comprehensive features, including strong workflow, mobility, and security capabilities that eliminate time-consuming manual tasks and speed up and streamline company processes.

The main components of this software include desktop sync, electronic signature, electronic signature, annotation, fax, email, sophisticated workflow, document sharing and storage, and version control. Security is also greatly improved. SpringCM is a special cloud service for companies that aim to improve document management and teamwork, which in turn might result in the automation of many worker operations.

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With this, users considerably save back on time and resources while also enhancing the professionalism of their organization. It swiftly resolves the numerous issues that frequently arise with all the key details operations, including contract documents, payment, invoicing, and more because it is a top document management platform.

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Additionally, it has analytics capabilities and a detailed report, which make it superior to others. The solution’s primary features include collaboration, sync, security, contract management, process automation, mobile access, and a dashboard. A professional CRM solution for businesses of all sizes is SpringCM.

19.  Salesnet

Salesnet is a low-cost, simple-to-use customer relationship management system that gives businesses all the essential tools required to increase sales. It is accomplished by improving sales teams while raising visibility and all other business activities. The reporting functionality of the platform and a real-time dashboard are used to provide all of these services. All primary sales information may be seen and updated using your smartphone, the web, or offline thanks to the goods’ simple accessibility.

You can govern your business practices with Salesnet, a highly adaptable and simple-to-use solution that makes it simpler for you to benchmark and keep track of your sales and marketing initiatives. With this, you’ll also be able to take advantage of sales leads that speed up the deal-closing process.

Companies can efficiently manage operations and, eventually, meet their sales targets thanks to this skill. Along with these benefits, your sales teams are well-organized, which enables them to close more deals and establish tight relationships with clients and prospects.

The software also maintains teams’ focus, preventing salespeople from being sidetracked during the selling process despite noticeably more accounts. It includes extra tools that make it stronger than other solutions, as with the majority of CMR solutions.

20.  Give.Church

Give. Church is a church management tool that enables members of a congregation to give what they desire. It is a strong, practical platform for Kindrid that allows in-app, online, and SMS donations. Their interactions with their parishioners—especially the Youngers—increase as a result of the solution.

Additionally, it permits the formation of an unlimited number of designations so that leaders and administrators can carefully manage their funds and direct donations to numerous initiatives running concurrently. All the churches can anticipate a significant impact with the aid of this application.

Give. Church is an affordable giving option with a little monthly charge and a small fee for each transaction. It enables churches and ministries to maximize their donations and allocate more money to more important programs. Unlimited designations, a custom giving page, bank giving, recurring giving, interaction with third-party apps, and daily deposits are all available. These are the platform’s main characteristics.


The simplest app for planning conferences, activities, and events for a group is can be used to schedule and manage volunteer calendars, parent-teacher conferences, event registration, potlucks, office hours, mutual assistance, snack duty, tournaments, festivals, giving trees, cookie booths, classes, prayer circles, ushers, greeters, vaccine clinics, and more.

If you’ve been invited to participate, it’s simple to sign up, pay dues and fees, log your volunteer hours, set up scheduled reminders, sync your phone’s calendar, and more. Throughout the epidemic, SignUp assists with safe occupancy management.

22.  EventBrite

Eventbrite is an alternative to Sign Up that is free and gives event organizers the ability to plan events of any size, sell tickets for them, and advertise them. Through the user interface of the website, they can also instantly promote their events on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Organizers benefit from Eventbrite’s self-service event planning features, which include email invitation creation, RSVP tracking, and ticket sales. Eventbrite allows users to target the attendees who are most interested in their events and boost the number of tickets they sell.

23.  Calendly

To schedule meetings, appointments, and events, both individuals and businesses utilize the virtual availability and booking software Calendly. You may connect with your coworkers, set meeting preferences, select a meeting type, and send email and SMS invitations to attendees. This basic, user-friendly program contains everything you require to schedule, monitor, and manage app appointments.

24.  TeamUp

Organizations can manage their resources, plan and visualize resource utilization, schedule activities and track progress, make event signups simpler, and more with the use of the web tool Teamup. It is free and easy. Using custom fields and document attachments, groups can gather, update, filter, and share information in some dimensions.

25.  VolunteerHub

An online app called VolunteerHub is used to manage volunteers and raise money. The streamlined approach to good volunteer management and engagement makes it simpler to plan, schedule, and recruit volunteers for events.

It offers rewards and recognition, gamification, and point assignment for maximum event participation. You can automate single sign-on, messaging, customized forms, emails, and social media scheduling. Additionally, it offers a friendly support team that guides volunteers through the interface.

26.  Google Forms 

With Google Forms, you may gather information through a survey page that gives your company a more reputable appearance to your target market. You can add pictures and videos and create original questions utilizing the system to enhance the client experience.

Forms also aggregate completed surveys. The application displays the results to you in eye-catching charts and graphs after processing the responses.


What is SignUpGenius good for?

Create online sign-up forms using SignUpGenius, a cloud-based volunteer management and event planning platform. Create and customize a signup form to manage volunteers, events, or registrations.

Is there a free version of SignUpGenius?

It’s free to sign up with Genius. Available Premium Features start at $11.99/month. You can subscribe to SignUpGenius Premium on a monthly or yearly basis. A service charge of 5% of the purchase price + $0.50 per transaction is required to use Collect Money on Sign-Ups.

Final Words:

The finest alternatives to Sign Up Genius for finding volunteers and planning events are above all. Both free and paid versions of these programs are typically available. To check if it meets your needs, you can also try out their free trial. Hopefully, the information in the aforementioned article has helped you choose the best Sign Up Genius substitute.

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