How Do I Login Using My Microsoft Account To Minecraft?

We will safeguard you and your Minecraft account by enhancing account protection and introducing new security measures. If you sign up for a Microsoft account, you can set up two-factor authentication to make account access much more difficult for cybercriminals. Over time, we will also develop player protection features. You must transfer from a Mojang account to a Microsoft account in order to continue playing Java Version. You will no longer need it! After migration, you can access the Minecraft Launcher and play the game by logging in with your Microsoft account.


When your account is ready to be migrated, we will notify you on your Minecraft profile page and in the launcher. You will not be able to click the advertisement to migrate until you are notified that your registration has been completed. If you are unable to locate the announcement on or the launcher in-game, do not fear; we will still notify you when it is your turn. You need not wait any longer. The migration procedure consists of five fundamental stages.

By clicking on the advertisement, you can migrate. Register for an existing Microsoft account or build one if you do not have one. No Xbox is required to set up your profile, so don’t worry. Verify your Microsoft account’s migration. I bid you farewell! Minecraft is now playable due to Microsoft’s Version BETA. Also review My Apron Login

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You are not required to leave immediately after receiving the email; you have time to migrate to another location.You can continue to use your old Minecraft account to log in until a solution is implemented.

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If you have a username as opposed to an email address, you are aware of your account. The only thing that has altered is the login procedure for the game.We will continue to maintain and promote Minecraft: Java Edition in the future.


First, attempt logging in with the email address and password you created previously.Please provide the original transaction ID to our team. If you haven’t already, please answer any additional safety-related enquiries. Also check Login

When your account is ready to be migrated, we will use the Minecraft launcher and your profile page to perform the migration.If you are unable to locate the announcement on or the launcher in-game, do not fear; we will still notify you when it is your turn. You need not wait any longer.

Technique of Migration:

Your Mojang account receives a full transfer of information, including your username, planets, content, and capes. Connecting your Mojang account to a Microsoft account that has been used to play Bedrock Edition grants you access to both titles (regardless of platform).When you begin the migration process, you will be prompted to sign up for a Microsoft account and to move your Mojang account there.

You must move each Mojang account to a distinct Microsoft account, similar to how Mojang users currently use a unique email address for each account. We’ve designed a new Minecraft account-switching feature to make managing multiple accounts and switching between sessions simpler. You can maintain your Java Version credentials.We will keep you informed as we continue to develop a solution for third-party launchers.

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Create an account with Microsoft:

Create a Microsoft Account: If you use Microsoft services (Office, Outlook, etc.), you already have a Microsoft account. You can build an account during the log in process if you do not already have one. On the Microsoft homepage, select Register. Click Next after entering your email address, phone number, or Skype link for other services such as Outlook, Workplace, etc. I request that you choose me. Exists no account for individuals without a Microsoft account? Create one! Create one! Please be aware that daily email usage is already recommended. Choose and enter a password here. If you are the next individual to enter your account, please hold on. You can also check

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Sign in to Minecraft Mobile with your Microsoft account credentials.

If you are unable to register, you can fix the Minecraft account associated with your computer by using the Xbox application.To obtain complimentary Xbox software, visit the mobile app store. Commence the Xbox programme. Sign in to the account you wish to use to play. Relogin to your Xbox, computer, or mobile device. For information on how to log into Minecraft, please click here. For more information on forgotten or changed passwords, click here. If you believe the required devices to modify your account are missing, click here. If this doesn’t fix the issue, go back to the Minecraft troubleshooting page.

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