How to Log Into and Use Lancerpoint

How to access Lancerpoint PCC is described in this article. User’s Guide for pcc Lancerpoint Login in Pasadena, 2023

How to Log Into and Use Lancerpoint

Continue reading to learn more about lancerpoint log in pcc.

  • A login is necessary to access the secure website of Pasadena City College.
  • Please visit to access Lancer Point.
  • a username that you are using.
  • Your password entry is accurate.
  • Click the Sign In button to enter your profile.
  • Please visit the login page to access LancerPoint.
  • Page for LancerPoint login

The Prefered Method of Activating Your LancerPoint Account

Please visit to access Lancer Point.

Select Activate my Account from the login screen’s bottom right corner after entering your user name and password.

In order to confirm your account, you will be asked to enter your password on the next screen.

In case you forget your password and need to change it in the future, you will be asked to generate security questions once your information has been verified.

Don’t forget to write this information down and keep it in a secure location.

After the prologue, you can fully utilise LancerPoint, your student portal.

If the directions above weren’t clear, watch the video below.

You’ll have immediate access to your PCC email as soon as you activate your PCC account. From the list of choices on the left, choose PCC Email.

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Your LancerPoint login is the part of your PCC email address that comes before the

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Watch this video to learn how to set up your PCC email.

How to Change Your Password: Step-by-Step Guide

Before you start, gather all of your devices (laptop, tablet, etc.) that can access your PCC email. All of your gadgets need to be updated at the same time. You can also check FBISD 

If you haven’t already done so, you should set up security questions in LancerPoint right away. Continuing to the next part if that’s the case.

  • Put the feed back.
  • The website’s address is
  • Choose “Set up or change my security questions” for the third option.
  • Follow the following rules to set up your question.
    Put the feed back.
  • The website’s address is
  • You can choose “Reset my password” from the fourth drop-down box.
  • Visit this page for information on how to change your password.
  • If you have a PCC email account, make sure your tablet or phone is updated with your new password.

Problems can happen even if all you do is change your password. The easiest way to change the password on an email account is to shut it down fully and then turn it back on with the new information.

What is LancerPoint’s login information?

Each user logging into the PCC receives an eight-digit LancerPoint ID number that is specific to them. the final eight digits of your LancerCard’s number.

To activate your PCC login, please enter your LancerPoint ID number.

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You received a PCC “Welcome to PCC” email that contained your Lancer ID number.

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Please get in touch with PCC staff at [email protected], lancerpoint [email protected], or (855) GO-TO-PCC if you haven’t received this email three business days after applying to PCC.

To access PCC systems, including the student computer labs and the PCC login page, you must have your username. The name is made up of the first initial and last name. Numbers are occasionally used to distinguish various user names with the same name.

As an example:

Maria Gonzalez should be spelt mgonzalez.

The pseudonym mgonzalez2 of Mark Gonzalez

A new email account with the username will be generated for you. You can search up your username in the Account Manager if you forget it.

Add Classes To LancerPoint.

Alternatively, you can follow the steps here or watch the video below for guidance.

LancerPoint is in charge of the registration process.

Click on My Academics and Classes to modify your course load.

Any open registration period is available for selection.

There may be a poll prior to registration that requires you to create an account.

In order to access the survey, please click here. The next screen will have fields for you to enter the relevant five-digit CRN code(s).

Having trouble locating CRNs?

There will be a Save menu available.

Enrol in the class now. Go back to the My Classes and Academics tab and select View / Print My Class Schedule to see if you were able to enrol in your classes. Also review

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In this section, you can see all of the classes you’ve signed up for.

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You can check out the error guide if you’re having trouble with registration.

You can add classes by logging into LancerPoint after the permitted sign in time and date. Signing up for classes as soon as possible is recommended. You’ll have a harder time locating classes with open enrolment in the future.

On or before the first day of classes, online registration will close. If there is space in a teacher’s class, you can enrol by obtaining a “Add Code” from the instructor.

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