Microsoft gives the Surface Duo Apps a Thumbs up

Microsoft has made a step towards creating its two-screen Surface gadgets that actually function. The business has made a preview toolkit for app developers to create apps that are compatible with the Surface Duo that runs Android available. Emulation and Java frameworks are provided in order to manage the dual-screen device. Since it is a preliminary code, studios will find it easier to create apps when the Surface Duo debuts this year.

Microsoft gives the Surface Duo Apps a Thumbs up

The time required for developers to produce apps for Windows 10X and Surface Neo has increased. The business intended to offer a pre-release version of the relevant Windows development kit in the upcoming weeks. On February 11th, a 10X-ready emulator and programming interfaces will become available as part of the offer’s Insider previews.

This period of time has to result in the introduction of as many apps as possible for the Neo and Duo devices. The question is, “How many?” It depends on how quickly and how often Microsoft releases updated development kits.

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