How to get the NYTimes in Dark Mode in Easy Steps

One of the top news programmes for both Android and iPhones is the New York Times, or NYTimes, app. The NYTimes includes a built-in Dark Mode option, much like all other reading applications for smartphones. You may use the app’s dark theme to read all the news without putting your eyes at risk if you read a lot at night or in dimly lit areas.

Why Should I Turn on NYTimes’ Dark Mode?

Long-term usage of a smartphone or computer can cause serious adverse effects including headaches, eye strain, and other discomforts. You can gain the following advantage by activating the dark mode.

  • The blue light emission that keeps you awake is lessened in dark mode.
  • When you turn on the dark mode, your device’s battery life will last longer.
  • People may easily inspect every crevice as the dark mode displays the image’s full layout.
  • When you access your PC or smartphone in “dark mode,” the colour scheme is inverted and may make you feel more at ease.

How to Turn on Dark Mode in the NYTimes App for Smartphones

1. Check that the NYTimes app on your smartphone is running the most recent version. Get the newest version if you haven’t already from the Play Store or App Store.

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2. Tap the Account icon after opening the NYTimes app on your smartphone.

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3. On the My Account screen for iPhones, choose the Settings icon.
choose the Settings button.

Note: Move on to Step 5 if using an Android smartphone by selecting the Theme option.

4. From the App Settings menu, select the Display Settings option.

5. Select the Dark option under the Appearance menu.
App for NYTimes in dark mode

6. The app will transition to a bright or dark theme based on your smartphone settings if you select Automatic or System default.

Check out our tutorial on how to activate dark mode on Android and the iPhone.

On the NYTimes [Desktop], enable dark mode.

To access the dark theme on the NYTimes website on a PC, utilise dark theme Chrome addons like Night Eye.

1. Launch Chrome. Install the Night Eye Extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Select Add Extension from the pop-up menu after selecting Add to Chrome.

3. Next, click on Try it for free in the Night Eye Extension after opening it.

4. That extension’s home screen has three options: Dark, Filtered, and Normal.

5. Select Dark from this list to access the app or the web version entirely in dark mode.

6. Press the extension’s Power button to disable the dark mode.

Questions and Answers

Can I use the NYTimes app’s Wordle game in dark mode?

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Yes, all of the games in the app will mirror the dark theme you set for the app.

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