Shorts Are Where YouTube is Testing out Shopping and Affiliate Features

The Financial Times says that YouTube Shorts is trying a new tool called “In-App Shopping.” YouTube fans can also buy things while looking through their feeds, just like on TikTok and Instagram.

Shorts Are Where YouTube is Testing out Shopping and Affiliate Features

People from the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Canada, and India may see this new option next year. It is said that the function will soon be made available in other countries. When the contest starts, YouTube artists will get up to 45% of the money made from ads. It’s a different way to make money on YouTube.

In 2020, YouTube added a feature that let ads be shopped, and in 2021, it added a feature that let people shop during live streams. In 2022, the website for sharing videos has finally turned into a shopping site.

Along with the new way to buy things, YouTube plans to roll out an affiliate marketing programme that will give a certain group of content makers a cut of the profits when they promote certain goods.

Michael Martin, who is in charge of Shopping at YouTube, says,

“It’s more of an endorsement model than a paid placement model or a more traditional advertising model.”

He also said to the Financial Times,

“Our goal is to concentrate on the best ways for YouTube creators to make money on the market.”

The YouTube Affiliate Marketing system is still being tested, and many content makers around the world will be able to use this feature starting in early 2023.

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In the same way, TikTok added buying to its app in the United States last week. In the UK and Indonesia, this option was already available. This feature lets users buy things from the links in the ads without leaving the app.

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Live shopping on Facebook will end at the end of this year, which is a shame. Users can still use the Facebook Live feature, but online stores can’t make a list of goods and tag them. So it makes YouTube Shorts and TikTok real your rivals.

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