Top 12 Best Slack Alternatives to Consider Team in 2023

Slack bills itself as “Team communication for the twenty-first century.” If you hadn’t utilized Slack download, you would have heard about it. It is one of the most widely used online communication tools, and its goal is to enhance communication within teams in all respects. With the responsiveness of instant messaging and the flexibility to check in from any location, it is a platform that combines the key advantages of all the other technologies. Your business communication may be done in one location thanks to this messaging and collaboration software.

The most impressive aspect of this office chat tool is how easily it has replaced lengthy and disorganized email threads with its instant messaging capabilities. There is no doubt that the nature of business is changing quickly, and as a result, more and more teams and enterprises are looking for a single tool with many features rather than the opposite.

We have compiled a list of Slack alternatives that are considerably more flexible and user-friendly than Slack login in case you are one of them and looking for an alternative to Slack for office chat software.

Top 12 Best Slack Alternatives to Consider Team in 2023:

1. Chanty

Our top pick among the Slack alternatives available today is Chanty. A simple and user-friendly team chat management app with an incorporated task organizer, Chanty was founded in 2016. Chanty, one of the top download Slack alternatives, offers real-time chat that is smooth, phone and video calls, and third-party connectors. For perfect team communication, leaders from a variety of business sectors, like Oracle, Tata, Nasa, and others, rely on Chanty.

Key Features 

  • Your tasks, conversations, flagged messages, shared documents, and more may all be organized in Chanty’s Teambook.
  • offers team calls over audio and video. You may also leave a message!
  • lets you share a variety of content types, including files, social media posts, GIFs, and more
  • Create, assign, and manage tasks with ease.
  • enables you to establish control roles to better manage your team space


  • Chanty makes it easy to onboard users across platforms and devices.
  • Chanty, one of the best Slack app alternatives, offers an infinite message history.
  • suitable for both Android and iOS devices
  • Conversations can be sped up via voice messages.
  • Several apps can be combined for increased efficiency.

2. Rocket.Chat

Rocket. Chat is the next option on our list of Slack alternatives. Regardless of how they connect with you, you can manage communication with your team, clients, vendors, and even customers with just this one tool.

With this customer-focused tool, you can scale up your customer service by integrating chatbots, CRM tools, and machine learning apps. Rocket. Chat advertises itself as a safe collaboration tool with more than 12 million users across 150 nations.

Key Features 

  • Chat, video calls, and audio calls can all be used to collaborate with your team.
  • Users of the instant messaging translation tool can communicate in other languages.
  • One of the best alternatives to Slack that offer omnichannel customer care services is this one.
  • encrypts all user data during conversations
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  • offers screen sharing and audio/video conferencing
  • Appropriate for companies handling sensitive customer and company data The free edition is brimming with features.
  • provides a free trial of their Enterprise edition for 30 days.
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3. Discord

The Discord is used for team communication in the business as well as by gamers, artists, and people with similar hobbies. Discord, one of the most well-liked Slack alternatives, focuses primarily on audio chat.

Through the use of moderation tools and restricted member access, the tool provides you additional control over each group. Discord might be the perfect solution for you if you’ve been looking for a simple and enjoyable Slack substitute.

Key Features

  • enables you to create communities and interest groups based on your activities.
  • Faster conversations are possible with low-latency voice chat.
  • You can test out and rate new features before they are released by using the public test build.
  • With the premium plan, you’ll get two server boosts, HD video, emoticons that you may customize, and larger uploads.


  • This is one of the simplest Slack alternatives, and it is easy to set up and install.
  • The free plan includes the majority of the text, audio, and video call features.
  • Users of iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux can utilize this Slack substitute.
    text, audio, and video chat options

4. Mattermost 

For developers, Mattermost describes itself as a team communication tool. The tool contains Channels, Playbooks, and Boards to make team communication easy and organized, making it one of the best Slack alternatives. Among Mattermost’s notable clients are the European Parliament, NASA, Nasdaq, and the US Air Force.

Key Features 

  • An easy-to-customize open-source tool
  • With the integration of audio and video, Mattermost Channels enables private and group chats.
  • brings customizable playbooks with integrated task checklists to you
  • Using Mattermost boards, projects can be planned and managed with ease.
  • The tool is designed to adhere to stringent security, privacy, and compliance standards.


  • enables scaling and simple modification
  • Community chats and forum discussions assist in keeping you informed and provide you
  • with total control of all conversations to protect your information.
  • Automating routine tasks is simple.

5. Teamly

Teamly, a collaboration tool made to keep your teams organized and engaged, is the next option on our list of Slack alternatives. Users of Teamly can divide tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks thanks to its clear and simple layout. This makes it simpler to monitor development and adhere to deadlines.

What else?

Teamly is the ideal tool for all remote teams, regardless of size, thanks to its affordable subscription plans.

Key Features

  • Improved collaboration and productivity with real-time chat.
  • Kanban boards that are simple to use to help workflow management.
  • Timesheets can be accurately created using the built-in timer.
  • centralized forum for team conversations, updates, and file exchange.
  • A built-in calendar is used to schedule and keep track of deadlines.


  • It is easy to navigate and onboard thanks to the design’s simplicity.
  • designed especially for new businesses and expanding teams.
  • Provides key features for collaboration and project management.
  • supports team communication through group chats and direct messaging.

6. Flock

One of the top Slack alternatives, Flock, offers you a fresh method to collaborate and communicate with your team. Communication on the road is effortless thanks to audio and video calls. Team members may manage all of their obligations in one location thanks to its built-in productivity tools and plug-in programs. what is slack? To speed up and simplify productivity, Flock also offers connectivity with a wide range of outside applications.

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Key Features 

  • provides productivity tools including file sharing, reminders, to-do lists, and surveys
    Make voice and video calls from any device.
  • Utilize both public and private channels to streamline message
  • For documents, photographs, links, notes, particular messages, and much more, integrated search makes it easy.
  • All activity on Flock Pros can be controlled thanks to multilevel user access and permission.
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  • For more meaningful talks, send voicemails right away.
  • This team chat tool has authentication features that protect your data and conversations.
  • Reminders and to-do list updates on tasks to your team provides 24-hour client service and offer a free trial of 30 days for paying programs.

7. Ryver

One of the top Slack alternatives for teams looking to collaborate, communicate, and automate business procedures is Ryver. Ryver, a company that was founded in 2014, offers fully integrated searchable collaboration spaces. Your data is protected by strong encryption and secure login procedures. Many startups could be deterred from adopting River as one of their potential Slack alternatives because it does not offer a free plan.

Key Features 

  • Organise team conversations under Forums, Teams, and People.
  • Ryver uses Single Sign-On (SSO) to make login easier.
  • You can immediately receive social network updates, breaking news, and RSS feeds in Ryver thanks to news streaming.
  • It offers limitless audio and video calls, file sharing, and calls.


  • enables you to create personalized conversation channels organizes themes and tasks for you
  • Users of iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac can access River.
  • straightforward interaction with top third-party tools a 14-day free trial is available for the Starter and 30 Users Packs.

8. RingCentral MVP

RingCentral MVP is the next communication tool in our list of Slack alternatives. You can make voice calls, video calls, and messaging connections with your team using this team chat tool. In reality, RingCentral offers you one of the top VoIP features in this area that is suitable for businesses.

Key Features 

  • With private and team chat, file sharing, and task management, workflow is made simpler.
  • Unlimited one-click video calls facilitate simple virtual meetings.
  • provides premium cloud-based VoIP services with cutting-edge calling features.
  • provides seven levels of security to safeguard your conversations and data


  • So that you may stay connected while on the go, it is simple to switch calls from your PC to a mobile device.
  • Increase team productivity with a tool that combines chat, video, and phone. provides a wealth of resources to help you get started
  • Simple connection with more than 250 external applications
  • The Essentials, Standard, and Premium packs all provide a free trial.

9. Zoho Cliq

Without discussing Zoho Cliq, our overview of Slack alternatives will fall short of being complete. Zoho offers the tools you need to manage your remote and hybrid workforce, just like the majority of Slack alternatives. Additionally, you can conduct live video events and make group video and audio calls with ease. Let’s examine its other similarities to other Slack alternatives.

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Key Features 

  • Instant video streaming allows you to host live video events and meeting broadcasts.
  • Change between the single-chat and multi-chat views.
  • For a group audio call, you can immediately add up to 1000 people from the platform.
  • Calendar sync and workflow automation
  • Engage users with personalized backdrop images, animated gifs, surveys, and gestures
  • Simple file, message, and user search and discovery
  • Screen-sharing and whiteboards for better collaboration Pros
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  • robust tools for communication and collaboration
  • For remote and mixed work arrangements, one of the finest Slack alternatives
  • Strong Asana, Trello, and Zapier integration
  • group audio and video calls are possible

10. Podio

Podio will be discussed after Slack alternatives. You can use this software to expedite administrative tasks and connect your remote staff while keeping your data secure. However, is it equipped with all the features you would want from the top Slack alternatives?

Key Features

  • Streamlined tracking and file sharing
  • View changes made to files in real-time
  • Workflow automation and centralized document storage
  • Collaboration is made easier by the chat feature and the social activity streams.
  • To optimize project management, collaboration, sales tasks, etc., choose from hundreds of native apps.


  • uncomplicated file sharing
  • Remote project management is possible thanks to mobile apps.
  • Granular admin controls and robust interfaces with tools like Google Calendar, Evernote, and Zendesk

11. Twist

Are you trying to get rid of the “always on” work atmosphere by seeking Slack alternatives? Twist aims to prevent the inconveniences of continuous notifications and warnings that cause burnout. Twist offers a new and enhanced way of working with asynchronous messaging that does not require consumers to answer right away. Are you curious to know if this is one of the Slack alternatives for your company?

Key Features 

  • Designed to let teams detach and concentrate on what matters most, async messaging
  • There are no ‘green dots’ or notifications to track your online presence.
  • Real-time conferences and calls are replaced by asynchronous messaging threads.
  • Threaded conversations and a consolidated inbox make it easier to keep track of the most crucial messages.
  • Utilise organized channels to find conversations from the past.


  • Organized channels, a consolidated inbox, and threaded conversations make it simple to identify the key messages.
  • sharing of thread links
  • combines with your preferred third-party applications
  • eliminates the stress of constantly being online and the disruption caused by workplace communication

12. Proofhub

Proofhub is one of the tools you should look into if you’re looking for the best Slack alternatives to organize your project and task management. With the tools you need to communicate with teams, the platform lets you plan, arrange, and track projects.

Key Features 

  • Features like notes, announcements, and one-on-one and group chat Prioritise tasks and assign them accordingly.
  • Using Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and calendar views, you can quickly map out projects, check how tasks are progressing, and identify any bottlenecks.shared team calendar for events, milestones, and setting reminders
  • You can add timesheets, create time reports, and establish time estimations using integrated time-tracking tools.
  • Reports can be produced depending on workloads, resources, projects, and custom categories.


  • Simple to exchange, organize, and import files creates distinct project environments for you
  • Ability to create various reports a flat rate of charge
  • Using white-labeling tools, you can create branded domains.

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