Third-Party Apps are Making the Cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro Shaking

The iPhone 14 came out on September 16 to a lot of anticipation, mostly because its models have improved 48-megapixel Pro cameras. This is a big change, and users were surprised when they saw the camera shaking when using third-party apps.

Third-Party Apps are Making the Cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro Shaking

Apple fans rushed to the shops over the weekend to buy the new iPhone. They were excited and happy, but then they noticed something strange when they used third-party camera apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok on their iPhones.

When they used third-party apps to take a picture or record a video, the iPhone 14 Pro back camera and lens would shake and make strange grinding and buzzing sounds. This made it impossible to capture. And it wasn’t just the experience of one or a few people; it was the experience of everyone. So, most people who buy a new iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max talk about this problem on social media sites like Twitter.

The built-in Camera app on the iPhone, on the other hand, does not have this problem. Also, this camera problem only happens with third-party apps and iPhone Pro models, not with other new iPhones like the 14 or 14 Plus. This means that it is a software problem and not a physical problem, which is good news because it means it is easy to fix.

Alex Kirschner, a spokesperson for Apple, said, “We’re aware of the problem, and a fix will be released next week.” He probably meant that a software update will be made to fix this problem. Users were told not to use cameras on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok until then to protect their gear from serious damage.

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Technical Reviewers think that these third-party apps were not ready for the camera boost in the new iPhone. Since it was the cause of the trouble in the first place, and since it has spread so widely, they should be more careful the next time.

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