Latin American Spanish is Now Available by Samsung Galaxy’s Bixby Voice

Samsung Electronics has created Bixby, a synthetic speech assistant enabled by AI. Latin American Spanish support for Bixby Voice has now been introduced by Samsung. The voice assistant now has more applications than ever thanks to today’s upgrade, particularly for users in the United States, which is the second-largest Spanish-speaking country.

Latin American Spanish is Now available by Samsung Galaxy’s Bixby Voice

Moreover, in comparison to other countries, the USA has the most Bixby users. Several Galaxy devices now support Latin American Spanish for Bixby, however it’s unclear when this was officially announced.

As to the firm, the Latin American Spanish version of Bixby will be accessible on Galaxy smartphones starting on November 17, 2022, including the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Z Flip 4, Galaxy S22, and Galaxy S21 lines.

It was also disclosed that in December, the Latin American Spanish version of Bixby would be made available on more Samsung gadgets, including the Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy S20, and Galaxy S21. The story makes no mention of the fact that customers of the Galaxy S21 will be able to utilise Bixby starting on November 17 or in December.

Only Brazilian Portuguese is now supported in the Latin American language of Bixby. The AI-based voice assistant, however, already supports Spanish across Europe. With this new upgrade, customers who speak Spanish in Latin America will be able to utilise Bixby.

The head of the AI team at Samsung and EVP Young Jip Kim recently stated, “We are proud to bring Bixby to the millions of people who speak Latin American Spanish, joining the more than 200 million people already using Bixby from nearly 400 million devices worldwide.”

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