Interest Rate for Union Bank of India Savings Account Plan in 2024

Union Bank of India 2024 savings account types and eligible perks. Union Bank of India offers online account openings for UBI share prices at

Open an Account Online with Union Bank of India.

All Union Bank of India residents have equal access to create a savings account with the Bank. The UBI savings account provides various benefits and enables users to save, transfer, and pay bills.

Applicants can earn points to utilize online banking and insurance services by using their debit or credit card. Application forms for a different type of savings account are available on the Bank’s website or by contacting Union Bank of India’s customer care number.

Interest Rate for Union Bank of India Savings Account Plan in 2024

Categories of Savings Accounts Offered by Union Bank

An essential Union Bank of India online banking account for savings

  • This type of account does not require the individual to maintain a balance.
  • Service users can deposit and withdraw cash and receive a credit or receipt for any electronically transferred or acquired money.
  • The Union Bank of India branch in my vicinity imposes a monthly limit on the amount that can be saved.
  • Cardholders have a monthly withdrawal limit enforced at branches and ATMs.
  • The Bank does not charge essential account customers any fees for accounts that are not used.
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Regular Savings Bank Account

  • Individuals interested in opening a standard savings account have the flexibility to do so remotely and at any hour union bank of india share price. Banking can be done through three methods: in person, online, or over the phone.
  • The bank issues debit cards to account customers free of charge. Using the card for various purchases allows them to accumulate points.
  • A new savings account for students is linked to the regular account with a balance of zero.
  • Customers who open a Regular Savings Bank account receive two free check books each year and gratis accident insurance for debit card usage.
  • The account includes a U-mobile feature that assists with various financial activities.
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Flexi Deposit Account at Union Savings

  • Individuals with a Union Flexi savings account receive a complimentary debit card.
  • The passbook contains information regarding the SB Flexi account union bank of india net banking, the FD Flexi account, and any TDS changes. Customers who enroll in this account will gain advantages from it.
  • Users have access to the NEFT/RTGS service at no cost, and the Bank provides five complimentary check books annually.
  • Upon maturity of the account, the customer has the option to reinvest funds for a new term union bank of india login.
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Requirements for Opening Any of These Savings Accounts

New customers must provide several documents when applying for a bank account. Also Check WordFinderX

For individuals who are single or married

  • ID: Applicants can present a passport, Aadhaar card, PAN card, voter’s ID, driver’s license, or an NREGA work card.
  • Documentation required for proof of address includes Aadhaar card, voter ID, passport, DL, or NREGA work card union bank of india near me.

Non-resident Indian applicants

  • Kindly include a copy of your passport or residence card.
  • Evidence of residency in a foreign country for legal purposes.
  • Passport photo dimensions
  • An NRI application must be presented to the bank by a member of the Indian Embassy, a notary public, a banker, or a local client who has all the required KYC information.

How can I initiate the process of opening a savings account at Union Bank?

Union bank of india customer care number can quickly apply for a Union Bank savings account through an online form.

  • Obtain the application from the Play Store or the app store on your smartphone.
  • Subsequently, capture an image and digitally scan all the necessary documents.
  • Submit the information Upon verification of the inputs, the Bank will provide you with an account number.
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Online Process

  • Visit the Union Bank of India IFSC code website.
  • The page can be accessed at
  • Choose the “Open Account” tab in the menu.
  • Provide all required information and ensure you have all the evidence.
  • Bring all necessary documents to the nearest Union Bank of India branch that offers union bank of india online account opening.
  • The bank personnel will verify the information and provide you with an account number.
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Unused Call Services

The toll-free number for Union Bank is 09223009696. After you phone the number, a person from the Bank will be dispatched to help you open a bank account union bank of india corporate login.

Bank Address

The applicant can bring the required documents to the bank, where officials will assist them and promptly provide the savings account number.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the frequency of interest compounding for the savings bank account?

Union Bank of India charges interest on your account monthly, but computes it on a daily basis.

Can standing orders be set up for a savings account?

  • Standing instructions are applicable to the savings account for transferring funds and paying bills.

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