Top 6 Best Widget apps You Must Try in 2023

The confirmation by Apple that iOS 14 would feature Widget caused a delighted reaction among iPhone users. however, have been accessible on Android for quite some time. Android widgets let you use an app icon without opening it by allowing you to place it on your home screen.

You can download and install a variety of widget apps for Android on your device. From calculators to photo frames to news tickers, these apps have it all. Widgets serve as a means to customize your phone by showing information about subjects that you find fascinating, in addition to being just a way to add functionality to your device.

What are Android Widget?

Small programs known as Android widgets can be placed on an Android device’s home screen. They are mostly employed to provide users with important information without requiring them to launch another application. The information they display varies depending on the type of widget financial you are using; examples include the time, weather reports, directions, and many more.

By reducing the need to launch several apps to perform simple actions like checking the weather forecast, what is a widgets assist in improving an app’s overall functionality and free up valuable time.

Additionally, to improve the experience of using a home screen, one can customize the widget ideas that are used in their setups. One of the key advantages of Android over iPhone is that it significantly improves the overall smartphone experience.

How do Android widget apps work?

Let’s first examine how to use them before taking a closer look at the top Android apps.

  • Download the Google Play Store app for your preferred widget (we list some of our favorites below).
  • Go to your home screen now and long-press anywhere there is a blank space. (On a select few Android devices, you can also access the widgets menu by just pinching the home screen.)
  • Choose widgets from the possibilities presented to you right now.
  • When you’re finished, scroll down until you find how to add a widget for the app you just put on your Android phone.
  • You are now ready to use your preferred battery widget after placing it on your home screen.

Top 6 Best Widget Apps You Must Try in 2023:

Let’s look at the finest widgets for Android, which can enhance your smartphone experience, now that we understand what widgets are and how to utilize them.

1. WidgetSmith

WidgetSmith is a widget app that provides a huge selection of configurable widgets for everything from astronomy to calendar to weather. Each can be dynamically built to show on your home screen according to the rules you set, and it can be modified according to your preferences.

In the morning, you can see the temperature; during the day, you can see your calendar; and later in the evening, you can see the progress of your activity ring. Calendar, time zone converter, and weather apps are among the functions of the app. A detailed, graphical forecast of the area including hourly, daily, and radar weather data will always appear when you tap on a weather widget. This is the result of the weather tool receiving a thorough overhaul. You can also check Yubo Apps

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Key Features

  • You may customize your lock screen and home screen.
  • To quickly access specific information from apps without opening the app itself, you can add widgets to your phone’s home screen.
  • For display on the widget, you can set a specific image or album.
  • You have many new, fresh style possibilities with a fresh collection of fonts.
  • The weather and the daily activities you have to fulfill will be updated frequently.
  • Theme packs for a fresh appearance have just been added to seasonal collections.
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2. Locket Widget

An app called Locket Widget allows your best buddy to view your images on their phone’s home screen. You and your best friend can see each other’s pictures every time you unlock your phone. A little amount of what your friends do throughout the day will also be visible to you.

The Locket Widget has a straightforward interface. Simply add the locket widget to your home screen to receive photos from friends as soon as they are sent, and they will display there right away. To share a snapback, tap the device, use the camera to take a photo, and then select transmit. On your friends’ home screens, it is readily apparent. Another app like Widgetable is this one.

You and your pals can compile a history of all photographs sent as you take Lockets. and can use its video recap feature to piece together your and your friends’ recollections, record those, and share them as images. Also review Kiddopia App Review

Key Features

  • You can be genuine and share images with those who matter using Locket.
  • To your friend’s images, you can respond.
  • After each month, it will also create a recap video for you with all the images you’ve contributed.
  • Your home screen can be decorated with pictures and graphics of your sweetheart or best buddy.
  • By adding up to 20 friends to the app, it will assist you in assembling the ideal friend group.

3. Lock Widget

Lock Widget offers a huge selection of lock screen widgets, including the weather widget, lock launcher, contact launcher, quotes widget, health widget, photo widget, calendar widget, moon phase widget, countdown calendar, and more. To fine-tune them to your taste, you can alter types, change theme styles, add custom redirect URLs, and even change the background opacity.

Set a widget for both you and your pals on the lock screen to use the lock widget. It enables you to customize the text on the lock screen with a huge variety of elegant fonts, as well as to count down special occasions like birthdays and holidays.

With the Lock Widget, your home screen and lock screen look may be customized. Additionally, it offers attractive home screen widgets, changes, alternate app icons, and useful utilities for iOS16.

Key Features

  • You may calculate how many days are left till your next anniversary and how long you’ve been together.
  • You can exchange status updates, send cryptic notes to one other’s lock screens, and express your mutual absence.
  • GIFs with dynamic effects can be set as the lock screen’s background.
  • On the lock screen, you may quickly start your preferred games and apps without redirecting.
  • It features excellent wallpapers for iPad and iPhone gadgets.
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4. Color Widgets

One of the most well-known custom widget and icon changer apps is called Colour Widgets, and it lets you add attractive and practical widgets to your home screen and lock screen. It provides a selection of predesigned widgets, or you can always use the Colour Widgets visit editor to make your own. Additionally, you may customize the design of the home screen or lock screen by choosing from a large selection of widget themes, including weather, date, battery, photo gallery, countdown, etc. Another app like Widgetable is this one.

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Color Widgets offers a variety of stylish and vibrant default widget designs, but if you want, you may even make your own. The default widget designs can be modified by changing the typefaces, theme colors, and even the background color. Also check ChatGPT 

Key Features

  • You may set a whole icon bank quickly and easily with Colour Widgets’ quick setup option.
  • Numerous themes are included, including neon, creative, gradient, basic, and nature.
  • Color Widgets has a tonne of customization options for creating one-of-a-kind widgets in addition to a huge range of pre-set widgets.
  • Just set up a new widget for your iPhone home screen using editing tools to change the fonts, background, and theme color.
  • You don’t need to construct a new; once built, you can recreate it later using the same editing tools.
  • Your home screen widgets can be operational in a matter of seconds.

5. Noteit

Your home screen widget, Noteit, shows real-time notes from your spouse. It is simple to use, especially for couples, and works with iPads and tablets running more recent versions of the iOS and Android operating systems. Another app like is this one.

It is advertised as a platform that enables you to send discreetly sensitive remarks. Through virtual messaging, Noteit by Vitor Bukovitz facilitates daily communication with your friends or lovers. The app gained popularity after its original release in June 2021.

Key Features

  • Live notes from your loved one are visible to you.
  • Note it is easy to use.
  • You are free to choose the type of note you want to write.
  • It is simple to write notes, and they will appear both in the Noteit app and straight on your home screen.
  • It is wonderful, original, and without expense.

6. Widget Share

With the help of the app Widget Share, you may send a home screen widget to a friend or family member. It functions like magic since everyone sees the same change as soon as someone modifies the widget’s image. Another app like is this one.

Your home screen can be covered in pictures of the significant people in your life by creating personalized widgets for each of them. With the Widget Share, you may view the most recent images sent to your by going to the history page. You can download whatever memories you choose to save by looking back at your past experiences. You can also send images to widgets on iOS and Android thanks to Widget Share’s cross-platform functionality. Here you can also check Intermittent Fasting Apps

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Key Features

  • Images from your camera or gallery can be sent.
  • The image that will appear on other people’s home screens can be changed by anyone.
  • More than one widget can be added.
  • You have the option to customize the widget.
  • You may even produce a masterpiece with its built-in drawing capabilities.
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Widget FAQs:

Which widget app is the best?

Each of the widget apps on the list is intended to carry out a certain set of tasks. Even though it is very tough to pick only one, if we had to choose the greatest widget app for Android, we would go with the KWGT widget. You can create cool home screen settings and customize everything a app could provide.

Does the flashlight widget have an app?

Check out the Flashlight widget if you’re seeking a flashlight. However, unlike all other flashlight apps, this one does not annoy you with intrusive adverts and annoying notifications. Additionally, it is free to download the app from the Google Play Store, which is undoubtedly a plus.

Do widgets that are added to the home screen affect battery life?

One of the most frequent questions about widgets is this one. Because they are an extension of the app, widget apps do indeed use battery power. Do you need to worry about it, though? You shouldn’t worry about battery life because the difference in battery life won’t be much of a difference.

Is there a weather widget alternative?

Yes, you must look at Overdrop Weather if you’re looking for an alternative to 1weather. One of the top Android weather apps is Overdrop, which is also listed among the top weather apps to download in 2021. Additionally, you may easily glance at the weather using the app’s ability to add a weather widget right to the home screen.

Can I add widgets for music to my home screen?

All of the well-known music streaming services enable music widgets. The option to add a music player widget on your home page is available with apps like Spotify widget, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. One can easily change songs, pause or play music, and do many more things. You can download Musicolet, which we previously discussed, to use for your tunes.

How can an Android widget be removed?

An Android widget’s removal from the home screen is fairly simple. To remove the, just long-press it. The widget will instantly disappear from your home screen after you click Remove. The widget will also be automatically removed if you just uninstall the widget app.

Where can I find Android app widgets?

With their standard apps, many app developers add widgets. Users will find it quite straightforward to locate the app widgets that are already installed on their phones as a result. Simply touch and hold an empty place on the home screen. choose next. Tap and hold the widget you want after finding it.

On Android, how can you get cool widgets?

Home to some extremely interesting widgets is Android and Google Play Store. From weather to note-taking widgets to flashlight widgets, we’ve included our top Android widgets and widget apps above.

Final Words:

For custom widgets and personalizing your home screen, it’s difficult to find a suitable widget app. Therefore, we listed the top Widget apps that can be useful to you in the post above.

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