Top 10 Vinkle Alternatives For Music Video Editing In 2023

Getting Vinkle users is without a doubt the answer to this query. For acquiring customers, the app store is like a battlefield. To win this combat, you must be aware of both yourself and your opponents. So, how can you gain an edge in the app store’s competition? ASO optimization and knowledge of competitor products are crucial.

Vinkle – Music Video Maker and other apps like it are now being examined by AppSimilar from a variety of angles. You can see the performance of the app Vinkle – Music Video Maker and applications like it in this report, as well as find out about fair app reviews, app rankings, top-grossing apps, etc.

Music Video Maker Vinkle:

This is the fundamental data about Vinkle – Music Video Maker that AppSimilar has to provide. Of fact, AppSimilar can offer much more data than that. How might AppSimilar assist us then?

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Mobile app analytics of app like Vinkle – Music Video Maker AppSimilar

Since 2019-05-20 was live, Vinkle – Music Video Maker has done well in Photo & Video apps. The data supplied by AppSimilar shows that Vinkle – Music Video Maker had about 5K downloads in the previous month. It is important to note that it has grown more well-liked on Facebook, where approximately 5,000 people have done so.

The 15 applications listed below are all comparable to Vinkle – Music Video Maker in terms of features, user base, and functionality. We can easily check the most recent performance and in-depth data of various apps, like Vinkle – Music Video Maker, thanks to AppSimilar’s mobile app analytics feature. Of course, these rival products can influence us in a variety of ways.

Top 10 Vinkle Alternatives For Music Video Editing In 2023:

1. Video Star

There is yet another straightforward but incredibly effective audio and video editing app on the Google Play store. With the aid of its clever tools, this app enables you to produce videos that are quite professional. Although it lacks many complex features like Vinkle, it can serve as an excellent Vinkle substitute when it comes to basic editing.

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With this, it is also simple to add music to your videos. Additionally, you may use your photographs to create interactive presentations. To put it another way, video star is on our list of the best apps like Vinkle because it makes altering videos relatively straightforward.

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2. Likee

Like Video was the previous name for  Likee. You can view videos in a variety of categories for hours on end on this fantastic video site. In other words, it is among the greatest TikTok alternatives. However, it might be beneficial to you when it comes to video editing. You can add a tonne of effects and editing templates to your films with Likee to make them outstanding. The features include blur, rapid and slow motion, and some others. Additionally, you can choose how to include audio samples in your videos.

Additionally, Likee is a free platform that connects you with like-minded people. Even better, you may subscribe to others and like or comment on their videos. It’s also easy to post your videos. In other words, Like is a fantastic social networking platform in addition to being a superb tool for editing videos and music.

3. VideoShow Video Editor

It is a versatile video editing tool that you may use for any type of video editing task with ease. You can even use this program to create other expert videos besides those for social media. There is also a liter version of this in the Play Store. However, this program is excellent to use if you want a fully equipped tool to quickly edit any type of video on your phone.

HD video exporting, ease of use, and a wealth of editing options are some benefits. Additionally, the technology enables watermark-free video export. Amazingly, you won’t need to pay for a subscription to access all of these services. So you can quickly acquire the most wonderful advantages for producing remarkable films for your social media platforms with our free mobile video editing application. As a result, it excels as a Vinkle substitute for Android smartphones.

4. Tempo

Another free alternative to Vinkle is the pace. This Android app is packed with incredible capabilities that will make your editing tasks quick and easy for you. The app provides you with all the effects, widescreen mode, face stickers, and other tools you may need to edit videos. The program can be used to edit social media photographs in addition to music videos. You will undoubtedly receive new and updated features with each new version as the app is updated frequently.

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With this application, adding any kind of audio to your videos is simple. You can also use any of the transitions and effects that are offered. After editing, exporting videos in 720 or 1080-pixel formats is simple. These are only a few of the astounding explanations for its enormous appeal to Android users.

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5.  Alight Motion

You can use your smartphone to add motion graphics to your videos utilizing this incredible editing platform. The app’s captivating user interface makes it a super-popular app and a fantastic tinkle substitute. Using its excellent interface, you may add various audio, video, and graphics layers. Another fantastic feature of the app is that it also supports bitmap and vector.

There are certain fundamental tools like color correction, motion blur, and MP4 import. Additionally, you can include some sophisticated features like keyframe animation. Therefore, download it from the Play Store right away and begin editing your films and audio.

6. Quik

One of the best video editing apps is Quik Quik, created by Go Pro. You can simply make fantastic music videos with this professional video editing Android app to share on your social networking accounts. The first thing you can do with this incredible app is add audio to the video, but you can also use it to accomplish a lot of other things.

So, this app is ideal for any purpose, whether you want to make a film using your images or merely record a video on any media track. With this application, adding any kind of transitions, effects, and audio to your films is surprisingly easy. Additionally, you can make use of fantastic editing options with its wide variety of editing tools. Therefore, this Android app is ideal for you whether you wish to edit Go Pro videos or any other type of video clip.

7.  Scoompa Video

Another excellent music video editing application that can compete head-to-head with Vinkle is Scoompa Video. Therefore, you may rely on the Scoompa video Android app to produce high-quality videos using your Android smartphone. The app is jam-packed with incredible capabilities that you’ll need in a video editing program.

This app was created specifically for people who wish to create videos using their smartphone’s images and videos. With this editing app, it’s very simple to add effects, stickers, texts, photos, transitions, audio, and a variety of other things to your movies. There are no adverts of any kind on the app. You might not, however, be able to acquire the same functionality that the Vinkle app provides.

8.  TikTok

TikTok makes it simple to produce incredibly amazing videos. You can download your films to your phone and utilize them elsewhere in addition to sharing them on these social networking sites. A TikTok watermark will appear, but you can afterward clip it out.

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TikTok makes it simple to add a variety of stickers, effects, and other professional transitions. If you are often posting music videos, this app will help you make the most of your time by offering simple music video editing tasks. With all of its qualities, it may assist you in finding a decent Vinkle substitute as well as assist you in being well-liked by millions of people.

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9. VIGO Video

Any type of music can be added to your video clips with VIGO video. Additionally, using this tool makes it simple to include stickers, effects, and a variety of other items inside your films. You can register for an account and upload your videos on VIGO Video, which also functions as a social media platform.

Additionally, you can watch other people’s videos and follow them. Thus, VIGO video might serve as a good Vinkle substitute for you when it comes to making compelling videos for any of your social media sites. I also wrote a piece about popular Procreate substitutes. You will likely enjoy this article if you read it.

10.  Viva Video

Another popular and well-rated Android app for creating music videos is Viva Video. Additionally, you can simply edit any type of video with this app and an Android device. You can use this program quite effectively to create music videos for the songs you choose. In fact, with its video templates and a variety of immersive effects, you may produce videos that are quite amazing.

This tool is available to assist you whenever you need it, whether you want to perform standard video trimming, audio modifications, or anything else. Additionally, you may add any kind of footage, photographs, video clips, and audio to your videos to make them more unique. To put it another way, Viva Video is the ideal solution for quickly producing engaging videos for your social media networks. You’ll get excellent results when you create and edit music videos if you use this program.

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A free tracking analytics report on an app like Vinkle – Music Video Maker is provided above. We must always study and research, understand the most recent knowledge about industry competitors’ products, and continuously improve our operation plan as part of the ASO optimization process. Through the use of tools like AppSimilar, we can understand all data more quickly and correctly, giving us a foundation on which to set an ASO optimization approach. This analysis report should help you gain more, I hope.

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