Top 13 Best Miro Board Alternatives for Businesses in 2023

Are you trying to find a free Miro online collaboration tool to make it easier for you and your team to work together? You’re fortunate! In this post, we’ll explore 13 Miro board alternatives that can help businesses of any size work more efficiently in 2023. These joan Miro Board alternatives provide the features and flexibility you require without breaking the money, ranging from cloud-based whiteboard tools to project management software. Continue reading to find out more about how these solutions can enhance your organization’s collaboration and productivity to the fullest.

What is Miro Board?

Businesses may collaborate more effectively with Miro Board, a cloud-based collaboration and whiteboarding platform. Teams can use it to build digital work areas where they can strategize, schedule, and oversee projects.

It enables teams to quickly generate graphics like flowcharts, mind maps, and sticky notes because of its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. For everyone to work together in the same area, also facilitates real-time collaboration with remote teams.

Businesses can thereby enhance team member collaboration and communication. Additionally, Miro Board offers a sizable collection of layouts, icons, and integrations with other well-known tools, including Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, Jira, Trello, and more. These features enable businesses to improve productivity by streamlining workflow procedures.

Who is Miro Board for?

To serve businesses of all sizes, Miro Board is a cloud-based collaboration and planning platform.

Users can generate ideas, make plans, and collaborate with teams remotely using the interactive whiteboard it provides. Businesses wishing to get their staff involved in problem-solving and project planning can use the platform as a valuable tool.

Teams of all sizes, from little startups to enormous corporations, can utilize Miro login. Users may quickly add photographs, videos, documents, and notes to the whiteboard using its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Advanced features like voice chat integration and real-time collaboration are also included.

It also offers a large range of integrations with other well-known tools, such as Slack and Trello, making it easy to get data from many sources.

Businesses seeking a flexible and economical collaboration platform may consider Miro Board. Miro aew is a great option for businesses looking for an easy-to-use collaboration tool because it has numerous features in both its free and premium versions, with the paid edition offering even more features for larger enterprises.

How Does Miro Board Work?

Businesses may collaborate in real-time, no matter how far apart they are, thanks to the online collaboration platform Miro Board. It makes it simple and effective for teams to work on projects together. To keep everyone on the same page, teams can use the Miro Board to brainstorm, discuss concepts, and produce graphics. Miro Board offers a virtual workspace where teams can quickly get up and running because of its user-friendly design.

Miro Board enables users to collaborate on projects by giving them a shared online workspace. It contains a range of features that are intended to improve collaboration, such as the ability to use a whiteboard, drag-and-drop image uploading, text chat functionality, and more.

For users to maintain their workflow organization in one location, the platform also interfaces with well-known programs like Slack and Google Drive. Miro Board makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to quickly get up and running with the platform thanks to its intuitive user interface.

There are plenty of options available on the market for businesses looking for alternatives to Miro Board in 2023. There are plenty of options available based on your goals and budget, from free tools like Google Jam board to expensive tools like Concept board or Storm board. All of these alternatives to Miro Board include comparable features, although they may have different pricing structures or integrations.

What functionalities does Miro Board offer?

Businesses may work together more efficiently with the help of Miro Board, a cloud-based collaboration platform that offers a range of features and functionalities. No matter where they are physically located, teams can collaborate using this platform in real-time. Users can make digital whiteboards and share them with other team members using the Miro Board. In addition to using sticky notes to keep track of activities and ideas, users may add photographs, videos, and documents to the boards.

Real-time chat is also supported, allowing remote teams to communicate with one another. For improved collaboration, Miro Board also offers a variety of integrations with well-known programs like Trello and Jira. In conclusion, the sami Miro Board makes it simple and productive for corporate teams to collaborate on projects.

3 Reasons Why You Need A Free Miro Board Alternatives

  1. Cost Savings: You can save money on software fees by using a free Miro Board substitute. Many of these options offer the same features and functionality as Miro but at a reduced price or even for free. Small businesses that do not have the resources to buy expensive software programs may find this to be of particular benefit.
  2. Increased Functionality: A freeboard alternative offers more options than just keeping with Miro heiskanen, which increases functionality. Project collaboration, work delegation, whiteboard tools, video conferencing, and other features not offered by Miro alone are just a few of the extra features you can find.
  3. Customization: Free board alternatives provide you the ability to personalize your workspace to suit your needs and preferences, whereas Miro boards are constrained by their preset layout and design features.
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Having this customization option enables you to be more specific about how you want collaborations within your team or organization to operate, which may ultimately provide better results whether you’re working together virtually or in person!

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Top 13 Best Miro Board Alternatives for Businesses in 2023:

1. ClickUp

This is one of the best project management and productivity tools available, and thousands of big businesses and tiny startups use it all around the world. The fact that ClickUp offers highly potent whiteboard tools to assist users in visually organizing and planning their workflows, activities, ideas, etc. is one of the factors that makes it such an excellent alternative to Miro.

Similar to Miro, ClickUp includes an easy drag-and-drop feature that makes it absurdly simple to collaborate with teams, organize ideas, and plan workflows visually. These kinds of visual platforms typically need to support visual communication. The ‘Clip’ feature is a straightforward tool that lets users capture their screen into short videos for easier viewing.

To share with the team visual summaries of new processes or to teach new team members and employees where to find onboarding documents, you can capture your screen on Clip and share it immediately on the platform.

You won’t find a better digital workstation than ClickUp’s on Miro, either. Users may turn notes, assignments, brainstorms, and ideas into visual collaborative sessions in one creative environment on ClickUp, where they can observe all of the team members’ activities.

2.  Mural

Mural is a reliable tool for collaboration and productivity that enables you to work in real-time with your team and make use of communication options like text chat, commenting, sharing, etc.

This Mural allows you and your team to collaborate in real-time by allowing you to make virtual whiteboards and canvases, pin files and images, write comments, sketch, and more. It also includes great templates and a variety of file support options.

For people who believe they work and think more effectively when they are writing rather than typing, Mural’s support for free handwriting and sketching is one of its important features. This adaptable and quick productivity tool is ideal for anyone trying to promote group brainstorming.

Users of the tool also have access to a library of icons and a super lock feature, which can help them keep items on their whiteboards in place while they move things around. Mural also works well with Asana, Microsoft Teams, and Azure DevOps, and it has a tonne of pre-built templates for design and Agile teams.

Although Mural’s difficult-to-navigate user interface is one area that needs improvement, this does not imply that you will have trouble comprehending it and understanding how to utilize it. It is still a potent substitute for Miro.

3.  Conceptboard

Conceptboard, in contrast to Miro, is an easy-to-use collaboration and productivity tool that is ideal for team members who work remotely to share ideas and thoughts. Your creativity and ideas are unrestricted with the platform’s boundless canvas. But the absence of a timer or calendar features is a touch frustrating. The creators ought to have understood that time is money and that the modern world is fast-paced.

The ability to use comments as a form of communication feedback and the fact that different users have access to different tiers of the system allow you to keep a closer eye on team members’ activities are among Conceptboard’s strongest features, though. An overview of all team member activity is shown on the interface.

Along with all of this, the whiteboard also allows for the addition of PFDs, videos, and photos. Password-protected URLs may be used to share these whiteboards, and you can utilize customized themes for Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and other visual aids.

There are three pricing tiers for Conceptboard. A free option offers 500MB of file storage, live moderation, and an infinite number of boards; a Premium package offers 20GB of file storage, standard support, and an unlimited number of board objects; and a Business package offers an unlimited number of projects, an unlimited number of boards, and 1TB of file storage.

4.  Microsoft Whiteboard

Another potent productivity and collaboration tool in the Microsoft Suite is this whiteboard and digital canvas application. All you need is a Microsoft 365 account or simply a regular free Microsoft account to access Microsoft Whiteboard’s online version on an Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows device.

You will not, however, receive a comparable offer for Mac and iOS platforms since this productivity tool is built on the Microsoft platform joan miro. For instance, the iOS app doesn’t have a Bing picture search feature. It also doesn’t have a desktop version for Mac computers, which is a significant deal-breaker.

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Having said that, the ability for users to update sticky notes and add documents to their whiteboards is one of Microsoft Whiteboard’s most creative and intriguing features. The fact that this tool offers an “infinite” or never-ending canvas is another fantastic feature.

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This alternative to Miro supports iOS and Android devices, and you can use Microsoft Teams to access its whiteboard feature. Additionally, it supports numerous whiteboards. Whiteboard is available on iOS, Android, and Windows if you have a Microsoft account. You must purchase either the Business Basic package, Business Standard package, or Business Premium plan if you don’t already have a Microsoft account to use the platform.

5.  Explain Everything

Explain Everything may assist you with this, whether you’re searching for a whiteboard application to discuss designs, ideas, and thoughts with team members, teach classes, or hold project planning meetings. It shares many similarities with Miro in that it is an excellent tool for collaboration and productivity.

Explain Everything, unlike Miro, is best at its whiteboard tool. There are several places where it fails. To begin with, for increased efficiency, the app’s creators might want to seriously consider including time monitoring and project management tools.

Nevertheless, the ability for users to video record their whiteboard talks, make their graphics, and annotate screencasts is one of the app’s finest features. You can also download the aforementioned whiteboard video clips in MP4 format and share them with others using an access code or website link.

There is a free pricing option for Explain Everything, however, it only permits one user and three projects. The Individuals subscription, which offers unlimited recording, cloud security, and basic clipart, or the Teams package, which offers sophisticated reporting, first-rate support, and international collaboration, maybe the best option if you want to get the most out of the platform.

6.  Google Jamboard

With the help of the whiteboard tool Google Jamboard, users may share information during meetings with their team colleagues, both physically and digitally. People can now download Google Jamboard, the software that drives this application, as a stand-alone app for touchscreen digital devices.

This program, as opposed to Miro, focuses on quality-of-life applications that make it simpler to explain concepts, communicate ideas, and take notes as though using a real-world whiteboard. Along with digital whiteboard features, Google Jamboard offers hardware for processes, visual organization, and brainstorming.

One of the best things about Google Jam Board is how easy it is to use—all you need is a Google account—to get started. You may extract work from Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides, and you can format your Jamboard using several backgrounds.

This is a reasonable and excellent alternative for simple digital whiteboard chores if your corporation or business currently uses G Suite. Additionally, integrating it with other Google products will help it develop. Owners of Google Workspace accounts can download this software for free and access up to 15GB of Drive storage per user. If you want the most out of Jamboard, you may choose from three more premium versions in addition to the free one.

7. Ziteboard

Ziteboard can serve as a reliable sketchpad. It is a highly collaborative and visible digital whiteboard program made for designers and instructors working in a variety of settings and fields, enabling them to build wireframes, brainstorm spaces, and even graph equations.

The ability for external collaborators to join a particular board anonymously is maybe the most notable and best feature of Ziteboard. Your board will also be archived into Photoshop if you export it as an SVG or PNG file, which is quite fantastic.

The confetti button function, which helps you raise team member morale and lets you celebrate all victories, large or small, is a delightful feature you won’t find on Miro but will find here. It offers users a variety of methods to share their ideas through export and import, presentations, and other amazing collaboration tools.

8.  Limnu

For designers, instructors, and students who want to work together remotely, Limnu is comparable to Miro since it is a powerful digital whiteboard tool. Without a doubt, its main selling points are its visual presentation features and video conferencing, which provides a solo sketching mode option that works great for online meetings and classes.

The fact that Limnu offers a variety of sketching tools and markers, as well as video conference capabilities for up to eight individuals, and the ability to draw independently or collaborate on a single board, are some of the primary factors that influence people’s decisions to use the service.

Additionally, unlike Miro, this platform is ideal for students of any ability and has a very easy user interface. It also gives educators and designers a great deal of latitude to exhibit in informal gatherings or classroom settings.

9.  Lucidspark

With its wide range of project management tools, Lucidspark enhances brainstorming techniques and, like Miro, assists users in putting all their thoughts and ideas into action. The emoji replies tally, and voting features of this app are some of its more intriguing and creative elements. Additionally, you can communicate with other team members in-board and summon them to particular locations on the board using the summoning feature.

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In contrast to some of the other alternatives mentioned above, this platform not only provides time-tracking so that you can maintain your team’s momentum, but it also has several other well-liked project management features. Additionally, you will have access to pre-made templates that you may utilize to give boards more structure.

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10. Fibery

Similar to Miro, this collaborative, no-code project management tool is perfect for startups, software developers, and agencies. Like most tools, Fibery offers users a document editor, numerous perspectives, and the ability to use a digital whiteboard.

The customer journey, brainstorming, and workflow features in this Miro substitute’s whiteboard application are highly known. Project management tools like Kanban boards and collaborative documents are some of the additional features that contribute to the digital whiteboard’s increased value.

One user and five read-only users are permitted under the free plan, which offers a version history of 90 days. You must purchase either the Pro or Standard package to have an infinite number of read-only users.

11.  Wrike

Wrike is an effective platform for project management and collaboration that enables cross-functional teams to fully view complicated projects. More than 20,000 leading businesses around the world, including IT giants like Siemens and Fitbit, rely on this cloud-based work management tool.

Wrike, like Miro, offers a variety of cutting-edge and practical features, such as cross-tagging, automated workflows, dynamic request forms, and more than 400 app integrations. The company’s exclusive Work Intelligence function, which enables users to work more intelligently, is something you won’t find on Miro. Its dashboard is another area where it excels over Miro. It offers a distinctive and user-friendly design with three panes that provide a comprehensive view of the entire workflow.

12. is a different no-code project management tool that enables teams to manage projects more efficiently and work more quickly. Similar to Miro, offers fully configurable options for a variety of use cases, including HR, IT, operations, sales, marketing, and much more.

With, you can quickly track, organize, and plan all of your projects in a single forum. You will also receive assistance from easy-to-use and time-saving features like document sharing, time-tracking, and automation, which you will have to pay for if you use Miro.

If you want to explain it simply, is essentially like a collection of personalized spreadsheets where team members on a project can list tasks and use status reports to update them.

13.  Asana

Asana and Miro both excel in helping teams plan and organize their processes for everything from strategic objectives to daily activities. With Asana, teams can work more efficiently, move more quickly, and have greater confidence regardless of how many different departments they are working with or where they are situated.

On this platform, more than 110,000 paying clients and millions of organizations manage everything from marketing campaigns and product launches to organizational goals and objectives. With a flexible and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to collaborate with teams of any size, this platform excels in the task management department. The workload management features, task assignment options, and several app connectors are just a few of the program’s other fantastic features.


Who uses Miro Board?

Users can collaborate remotely using the tools provided by the collaborative online whiteboard platform Miro Board.

It is well-liked by teams in business, educational institutions, and other organizations that need to work together efficiently online. Miro Board offers features including real-time collaboration, interactive polls and quizzes, task boards for project management, and configurable layouts.

Additionally, it offers integrations with well-known programs like Microsoft Teams and Google Drive. As a result, it is appropriate for a wide range of use cases, including distance learning, product planning, and agile software development.

Is the Miro Board secure?

As a cloud-based platform for collaboration, The Miro Board emphasizes security as a key element. The Miro Board follows industry best practices for security, just like other systems that store user data.

All information saved on the platform is encrypted, secure authentication mechanisms are used, users can choose their access levels and permissions, suspicious activity is watched, and security protocols are routinely updated in response to new threats.

Can you export from Miro Board?

Yes, you can export data from a Miro Board. Users of the tool have the option to save their boards in a variety of file types, including and.pdf.

Users have a variety of ways to save and share their work with others by selecting the “Export” option from the top bar of the board.


In conclusion, businesses in 2023 can choose from a variety of Miro Board-free alternatives. By using these alternatives, organizations can save time and money while still getting the collaboration tools they need. These tools, which range from virtual whiteboards to online chat rooms, have the power to completely change how teams work and collaborate. To find the ideal tool for their organization’s needs out of the wide range of options available, businesses should take the time to investigate the various features given by each tool.

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