Voice Changer Apps During Call For Android & iPhone

The 10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for iPhone in 2021 were covered in the last article. You can choose from any app to record lectures, music, or other sounds. We will talk about the Top 7 Best Voice Changer Apps in Call 2021, and you can use any of the apps on the list to make your friend into thinking.

Top 7 Voice Changer Apps During Call For Android & iPhone

they have called the wrong number or are speaking to someone else. Let’s get the conversation going.

What are Voice Changer Apps?

The program known as the voice changer app offers you to change the pitch or tone of your voice on a mobile device. During a voice call, certain voice changer software offers you to change the pitch or tone of your voice. Numerous apps of this kind that allow you to alter or modulate your voice while on the phone are available for your Android and iPhone on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively.

How do I change my voice from male to female?

It will be easy to prank your friends over the phone if you are a skilled voice actor and can go from a male to a female voice, and I don’t think they will realize who you are. You can play pranks on people by using this technique.

However, unless you are a skilled voice artist, changing a male voice to a female voice, a kid voice, an alien-type voice, a celebrity voice, or another tone/pitch of the voice is not a straightforward task. To change your male voice to a female voice and to change the pitch or tone, you can try these voice changer apps.

How to Change my voice During a Phone call?

Again, we can add that if you are a skilled voice actor, changing your voice to that of a celebrity, a child, a woman, a politician, or another person over the phone will not be a difficult task for you.

To automatically change your voice during phone calls, you can also try certain voice changer apps. These apps allow you to rapidly download and install them on your phones, and they allow you to change your voice, add any sound to the call, and add background music or voice.

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You can change your voice during a call with the help of the “Magical” voice changer app. It enables you to utilize a child voice changer, a female voice changer, a carton voice changer, etc. during phone calls. It offers you to test your voice before making the call and is the least expensive way to make a hilarious call. Check out the list of voice changer apps now.

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7 Best Voice Changer Apps during Call 2023

1: ‘FunCalls’ – Voice Changer App for Android

An Android app called FunCalls, which is offered in the Google Play Store, allows you to trick your friends by altering your voice while on the phone. It gives you the option to go from a high, amusing voice to a deep, ominous one.

During a live discussion, this app offers to play amusing recorded sounds. You have the option of changing your voice to a helium balloon, hilarious, guy (low pitch), scary (very low pitch), or regular (Your natural voice).

With the help of this voice changer app, you may switch between 10 different voices while on the phone. However, sharing a phone call with others is as simple as tapping a button.

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2: ‘Live Voice Changer – PrankCall’

One of the iPhone voice changer apps on this list, Live Voice Changer- PrankCall, offers users to make voice changer prank calls. This app has a simple feature that allows you to convert and record your voice. To choose the voice, there is an amazing choices, including Darth Vader, Tomcat, and Squirrel.

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It is a real-time call voice converter app that enables 15 plug-in-Mic reversion effects, 11 voice changer call effects, and the ability to share voice recordings on social media.

3: ‘MagicCall’ – Voice Changer App During Phone Call

Google Play Store users can get the Android app MagicCall. It features a variety of voices, including a male-to-female voice changer, kid voice changer, Halloween theme background, celebrity voice changer, male voice changer, girl voice changer, sound like Kim Kardashian, etc.

With the help of this voice changer app, you can impersonate these characters during phone calls to amuse your friends. However, before using this app for phone calls, you must register.

4: ‘Call Voice Changer’ – Change your Voice in Real-Time

Use the Call Voice Changer app on your Android device if you’re looking for the Best Voice Changer Apps available online that let you change your voice during a call or phone call. By changing your voice’s tone or pitch, you can use this app to make someone during a phone call.

The next time you use your phone, you can add bizarre sound effects thanks to this app. The funniest app in the world in this category, according to the creators, offers you to add voice effects to your voice in real-time while you are on the phone. It also offers you the option to apply effects like an airhorn, bells, or a cuckoo clock.

5: ‘Call Voice Changer – Allogag’

During phone calls, you can use the Call Voice Changer – Allogag app, which is available for both Android and iPhone. It allows you to call others for free while on a call and play pranks on them. Before making a call, this app enables voice preview, and it also offers a variety of background sound effects that may be applied.

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You may use the voice changer app function to continuously change your voice while on the phone and earn free credits to do so.

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6: ‘Call Voice Changer’ – Voice Changer with Effects

Call One of the Best Voice Changer Apps for Calls in this list, Voice Changer, offers you how to change your voice in real-time and add absurd sound effects the next time you’re on the call. It features you to change a variety of voice parameters, including factor, pitch, shift, size, and more.

Additionally, you have the option to add echo effects, change the tempo, etc. This app offers you to upload your music and add your voice to it.

7: ‘PrankDial’ for Android and IPhone

Kickback created the PrankDial app, which is accessible for both Android and iPhone users. One of the Best Voice Changer Apps for Calls in this list, this app allows you to alter your voice during phone calls. As this app employs pre-recorded remarks, it might be a great way to prank your contacts.

This app offers you to choose from hundreds of practical jokes and select daily free calls. It frequently adds original prank scenarios. From the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, respectively, you can get this app for Android and iPhone.


I sincerely hope that this article about the Top 7 Best Voice Changer Apps for Android and iPhone in Call 2021 was helpful to you. To accomplish this, you can select any app from the list. If this post was helpful to you, please share it with others so they can also benefit from it. Just that. Please use the comment section below if you have any questions or recommendations. Thanks

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