New “Message With Yourself” Feature on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has implemented a new function that allows you to talk or message yourself. This function is available on both Android and iOS smartphones.

It is a self-chat function that allows you to send messages to your account in order to simply write down and access personal information or data. You can use WhatsApp to send yourself notes, shopping lists, to-do lists, updates, reminders, and other files.

According to the article, the workings has been rolled out to certain customers and will be available to all users in the following weeks.

WhatsApp has added a new screen lock functionality to the desktop beta version. The new self-chat function will be introduced internationally in the next update, although no official release date has been provided. WhatsApp will be remembered in the future as a note-taking app with a useful function.

New “Message With Yourself” Feature on WhatsApp

How to Use WhatsApp’s Message With Yourself Feature

[1] First, update your WhatsApp app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

[2]. Fire up WhatsApp on your smartphone.

[3]. Select the option to Create a New Chat.

[4] Your contact will be at the very top of the list.

[5]. Tap on your phone number and begin entering the message you wish to send.

Finally, press the Send button.

You may pin that chat on WhatsApp to make it easier to find. Furthermore, the chat with your phone number will be displayed in your WhatsApp contacts list.

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