Twitter Will Test Limited Answers to Stop Online Abuse

Twitter (TWTR.N) said on Wednesday that it would start testing some new features early in 2020 that give users more control over how many replies they can send. It will let people decide who can reply to their tweets, which will cut down on the amount of abuse and harassment that happens on Twitter.

Twitter Will Test Limited Answers to Stop Online Abuse

Since 2018, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has said he wants to improve the health of public dialogue. Social media companies are under a lot of pressure to do something about abuse on their platforms. Most harassment happens in unasked-for comments that target women and people of colour. TwitterComms posted,

“We want people to feel safe talking on Twitter, so we’re giving them more control over the conversations they start. Early in 2020, we’ll try out different ways to decide who can reply to Tweets.

Last year, the company added a feature that let users hide certain answers to their tweets. This was done to get rid of offensive content and make the social media more user-friendly.

Tech media like TechCrunch and The Verge say that the company has made plans to control responses at the CES tech show, which happens every year.

In a presentation at a meeting, the company said that users can choose from four different settings: global, where everyone can react, group, where only the people the user names can reply, and private. Panel, only the people who are named in a tweet can reply, and Statement, no one can respond to any tweet.

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