Twitter Blue With Verification is Now Available on iOS Devices

Twitter stated that more features would be added to the Blue membership in the organisation. Only iOS users in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom have access to this special premium service.

Twitter Blue With Verification is Now Available on iOS Devices

Twitter Blue raises its monthly fee from $4.99 to $7.99 in order to obtain a blue checkmark. Previously, users could bookmark Folders, Custom App Icons, Custom Navigation, Reader, Undo Tweet, and Edit Tweet on Twitter Blue. They’ve now put a checkbox to the subscription.

Previously, Blue Checkmark was exclusively available to celebrities, businesses, and politicians. Following the change, you can purchase the Blue membership plan in order to acquire the blue tick next to your Twitter username.

The new feature allows you to modify and modify the app look for a more colourful Twitter experience. According to the source, the Twitter Blue upgrade will be available to Apple iOS users on December 2, 2022. Crawford stated that they want to offer this service in Europe very shortly.

Those features are only available to current Twitter users. For the first 90 days, new Twitter users cannot subscribe to Twitter Blue. According to Twitter and Tesla’s wealthy CEO, Apple is exerting pressure on Twitter about its content control rules.

How to Register on Twitter Blue on iOS

[1] Log in to your Twitter account using the app or website.

[2] In the upper left corner, click the Profile symbol.

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[3] Choose the Twitter Blue Subscribe for $7.99/month option.
iOS Twitter Blue

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[4] Follow the on-screen prompts to purchase the membership using your Apple ID.

Twitter, however, does not provide a free trial to try the services. As a result, you may cancel your membership at any moment by going to Settings Apple ID Subscriptions Twitter Blue Cancel membership.

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